Sex Positive Cocktail Party ONLINE Dec 3, 2015 7pm (PST)

How often do you talk openly and honestly about your sexual history and current sex life?

For most people that is very rare.

Yet opening up in a safe environment with others who are interested in such an engaging topic can be a highly liberating and educational experience.

The folks at the educational sex shop The Art of Loving have devised a wonderful way to do that. They call it the Sex Positive Cocktail Party and their staff hosts the gatherings in-person.

But attending at their premises is only possible for a small fraction of the folks who want to engage in down-to-earth conversations about sex. so The Art of Loving has decided to host the event ONLINE!

In the privacy of your own home you can attend the party!

Here’s how it works. Via both computer and phone you connect with the party. After the host welcomes everyone and describes the evening activities, everyone takes a turn to briefly introduce ourselves.

Then everyone breaks into virtual “rooms” each with four people, two women and two men. The host then asks each person to describe to the three others an event from their sexual history, starting way back in childhood, such as when they first learned what “sex” was.

After everyone has shared their story, each person goes into a new virtual room with new members. The host asks everyone in the new foursome to describe a new key moment in the formation of their youthful sexuality, such as when they lost their virginity.

When that discussion wraps up, everyone joins a new group of four to discuss the next turning point in their sex life that the host defines. That process continues until everyone is ready to discuss their current sexual life in the small groups.

This gradual process, which starts with you describing events way back in your youth, allows everyone to get more and more comfortable talking about sex. Because the members of each foursome change, nobody hears anyone's entire sexual history.

Of course you hear the details of your own sexual history, and that will give you a ton of new insight into yourself. This is the first time for almost everyone who participates to look back over their life and reflect on their sexuality.

You will also learn about the extraordinary diversity of our sexual histories. We all tend to hide this intimate part of ourselves, but when all open up we discover how individual everyone is, and yet how we all share some common themes.

Meet new people, learn lots, laugh, cry, be amazed and have so much fun. Register for the world’s first online sex-positive cocktail party now!

This online event requires both a telephone and internet connection. The voice dialogue occurs on the phone. The computer is for text instructions to the group, for the live videos of the host, and for visuals of any attendee who wants to connect their camera or show still photos. (The visual of you is purely optional.)  Further details about how to connect to the party will be given after you register.