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Insite Case impacts Prostitution Case 

The recent Supreme Court ruling against closing North America’s only safe-injection site could have an implication for a recent challenge to Canada’s prostitution laws. The court stated that to close the Insite clinic in Vancouver, B.C. would violate basic rights to life and security for addicts. The ruling is expected to be cited in many cases to come, including a recent prostitution case that may end up at the Supreme Court.

While prostitution itself is technically legal in Canada, soliciting services or living off of the proceeds is not. For sex workers, this makes for a job that is significantly more dangerous than it needs to be, which is the basis for the case brought by an Ontario dominatrix and other sex workers. A ruling on the case is expected from Ontario’s Court of Appeal soon.

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Virgin/whore dichotomy alive in the minds of many Canadian men
Just when you thought we were moving past patriarchal double standards, out comes a survey to reinforce the virgin/whore dichotomy. A recent survey of over 7,000 Canadian men found that 41% consider a woman promiscuous if she has been with more than 10 partners. Another third of the respondents considered 20 to be the magic number.

This emphasis on an arbitrary number is rooted in what Samhita Mukhopadhyay, executive editor for, describes as “an archaic model of sexuality” wherein women decrease in value the more sex they have. While our culture views sex as a commodity that women have and need to protect, according to Mukhopadhyay, the opposite pressure falls on men: “if they don't have enough partners, they're not considered real men.”

We can see the results of this pressure in a 2008 survey by Durex, where the average number for male participants was more than twice the average for women, and again in a recent survey from, where more than 51% of men admitted to lying about their partner count.

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