Sex is Her Niche: Danielle Stein

“Sex is everything, happily admits Danielle Stein, Volunteer Outreach Worker at AIDS Committee of York Region (ACYR). “I think sex, I talk sex, (apparently) I emanate sexuality, I just can't get enough of it. To me, sex is an expression of self more than just an act. It makes up who I am, how I act, how I feel and gives me my ‘get up and go’ energy. The pursuit of sexual knowledge makes up the majority of my day and I feel as though I can never be filled. The more I learn the more I want to know.”

It is always refreshing to find someone so dedicated and inspired by her work. Taking the adage of ‘finding a niche and sticking to it,’ Danielle considers working with ACYR to be her way to help change people’s lives. “This may be by handing out condoms, teaching people about the benefits of lube, sex toys, and sexual communication. I try and help people live happier and more fulfilled lives one orgasm at a time.”

Having been involved in sex education since her days volunteering in university, Danielle is keen to stick in this field. “When I was in university I was doing sex education for free and I still can't believe I now get paid for it! Although one day I may move on from my current position with the AIDS Committee of York Region, I know that being elbow deep in sex and sexuality is where I belong.”

While the bulk of her work is out in the field, Danielle also aims to bring a sex-positive attitude into the workplace. “Working for an AIDS service organization, the more sexually inclusive you can be the better it is, and providing opportunities to learn more is celebrated. For instance, I brought in a Sex Toy Workshop as a staff training during one of our meetings and everyone had a blast! I am planning on putting together a BDSM and Kink training soon.”

It isn’t very often that someone cites their two biggest influences as her Mom and drag queens. Danielle credits her mom with teaching her to “care for people and that if I work hard and dedicate myself, I can achieve anything that I want.” And what has she learned from the Queens and her friends in the LGBTQ community? “They have taught me to live my life the way I want and be the person I want to be, no matter what anyone else says.”

On a more personal note, Danielle reveals, without equivocation, that her sexual persona is firmly rooted in her pants. “My sexual persona ‘lives’ in my vagina, without question. Even when she hasn't completely taken over and turned me into an animal (and I can feel my brain shutting down when this happens) she is the driving force behind the essence of me. My vagina is why I am who I am, say what I say and do what I do.”



As someone who has gotten to know Dani over the past few years.....this piece is soooo her.  The sexual health and HIV community are lucky to have someone like Dani. Love the money quotes!!!!