Serving Him

I’ll be honest, a collection of stories involving dudebro doms and lady submissives makes me go “ugh, straight people” right off the bat, but erotica is more about the tension than the… plot? So I wanted approach this book with an open mind. Being a relatively ‘nilla queer, I write to you as the probably not-intended audience for Serving Him, an anthology of “sexy stories of submission” edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and published by Cleis Press.

The book opened to meet my expectations (unfortunately): a story by Lori Selke called “What You Deserve” about two BDSM novices exploring something new, in which – despite its otherwise convincing dialogue – the line “you’re going to get What You Deserve” is repeated so much that I found myself rolling my eyes at porn. Cute, genuine, romantic… but not hot.

But all was not lost! Quickly following was a hot-as-hell tale of a woman masturbating with a stranger in a public bathroom by Kristina Wright, and a take on power exchange called “Chattel” that had me taking notes. Stories of bondage, pain, roleplay, and more than a few good, hard spankings are littered throughout, with an overarching (and very queer) theme of the inherent power in submission.

Bussel is right when she writes in her introduction that there are plenty of surprises in the pages that follow. While they can’t all be gems, Serving Him has its share of steamy scenes, punctuated with tender moments.