Rogue Words: Devyn Christopher

“For me personally, sex and my own adoration, envy, and love of women gives me the height of joy in this otherwise overcomplicated, overcaffeinated, overestranged world that we struggle to live in,” reveals Devyn Christoper, aka Rogue. “The sight, the scent, the smile, the opinionated and potent voice of women stimulate and energize me. To me, every woman is a daughter of Aphrodite, a living incarnation of the promise of life and potent happiness. Sex inspires me because it raises my spirits, because pleasing and being pleased by my lover brings me back to root of creation, and that is something that no corporation can ever market and no dogma can ever tear me from.”

Following Devyn’s long-running sexuality-related blog, Urban Roquery is a treat. He began it several years ago to document and share his experiences. From that beginning it has expanded into a forum and discussion area for many different topics including sexual politics, sacred sexuality and anthropology and kink theory. There is also space for reader questions and a delightful level of voyeurism. “It's been reviewed and celebrated by several sources, including Jane's Guide. One reader described it as a fusion of ‘leather and intellect.’”

Beyond the blog, Devyn is also a noted writer of erotica. One of his stories was recently accepted to be included in Sweet Confessions (coming from Cleis Press), an anthology for couples looking to explore new avenues in their physical relationship. Encouraged to submit to the Violet Blue edited collection, Devyn’s story is ‘Bad Influences’ and is “a luxurious but edgy romp between a couple who break several barriers of their own during a post-party tryst.”

A self-described iconoclast who has always been inclined to do things his own way, Devyn had an early emergence into the sex-positive world. “I had my first sex-positive job at age 18, when I was a sales clerk for a very trendy, very touristy sextoy shop in Greenwich Village. I had lost my virginity only a year or two before, and by then I was already selling everything from condoms to vibrators to bondage gear. Not long after, I was a bouncer at what is now New York City's oldest bdsm club, which also involved performing fetish scenes on stage during weekly shows.” He has also worked for a phone sex company in Boston and has been involved in various leather community organizations. Once he arrived in Toronto, one of his first jobs was to sell sex toys for a company in the Durham region.

For Devyn, sex is something so much more “than rubbing bodies to orgasm.” Noting its fundamental influence on so many of society’s structures and daily activities, Devyn reiterates that sex is, along with growing food, one of the essential human activities. Because of its ubiquitous presence, sex cannot be ‘boxed.’ “Human sexuality has never and can never be contained within the narrow, defining boundaries that so many of us are familiar with in this Western post-Puritan culture. Sexuality is rich and vibrant and full of nuance, including varied gender relations, power dynamics, means to love, creativity, expression, communication. Like life itself, it cannot be contained or controlled for long periods of time; it will have its way.”