Roaring for Razzle Tassel!

"When we hit the climax of our act at the Vogue for last year's Vancouver International Burlesque Festival," remembers April O'Peel of The Razzle Tassel Tease Show, "the roar from the audience was absolutely life-changing."

There is no doubt that the three performers of Razzle Tassel are definitely changing lives with everyone one of their shows. Having come together as member's of Vancouver's famed Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society, they have been performing together for years. But a different desire drew them together to start Razzle Tassel. "We love being part of larger collective but we really clicked artistically and wanted to create something viable for a commercial market that represented what we love about Burlesque."

Let's meet them!

  • Violet Femme: Probably the purplest person to panty prance for your pleasure. A bouncy, bendy, zany goofball.
  • Melody Mangler: Tattooed fireball with moves erotic, dance exotic!
  • April O'Peel: A pervy and curvy cutie who is a sheer comical and dancing talent on display.

Each Razzle Tassel show is a spectacle and something to behold. The troupe strives to blend classic and modern styles to produce a melange of burlesque archetypes, gimmicks and a healthy dose of funny to give audiences an experience to remember. "We think people are tired of predictable and are seeking the excitement and spontaneity that really only occurs with live entertainment. This coupled with society's noticeable shift towards a more sex positive attitude has created the perfect environment for Burlesque to succeed."

"Our favorite act to perform would be our Curtain number," April reveals. "We were able to use the classic Burlesque concept of using a curtain to conceal and reveal a performer and make it into an exciting acrobatic striptease spectacle!" It was this act that Razzle Tassel performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, when they were competing for the Best Group Award. "It was an honor to perform at what is considered the Burlesque Olympics."

Having just completed a run at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, the ladies of Razzle Tassel see, and look forward to the continued broadening of burlesque. "There are still misconceptions about what burlesque really is but the resurgence is growing and the art is continuing to become more popular every year."