Review: Wickedly Sensual 2 in 1 Flavoured Heating Massage Lubricant

Nothing brings a sexy mood down faster than an unworkable lube. Be it a difficult bottle to open, an unpleasant smell—or even worse, taste, or a liquid that is supposed to be slick and smooth but turns out to be sticky. All of these factors make picking the right lube a very important decision.

A newcomer to the lube scene offers all of these, plus some other quality attributes to make it a must have. Wickedly Sensual 2 in 1 Flavoured Heating Massage Lubricant is a surprising and delightful collection of products that will definitely aid your intimate moments. Packaged in a an attractive bottle with a very easy to use pump mechanism, the lubes could stand on their own on your bedside table without looking awkward. The pump is smooth and flawless, dispensing the lube readily.

It did feel odd, but as part of testing it out, we squirted a glob of each of the four flavours and gave them a lick. The Mango Tango, Strawberry Seduction, and Tangerine Temptation lubes were all pleasant in taste—not too strong and with barely any of that typical awful lube aftertaste. Would I want to eat a tablespoon full? Of course not, its lube. But if you are using the products with your hands and then decided to explore with your tongue, you won’t be turned off. One more flavour, the Sweet On You candy-flavoured version wasn’t as pleasant as the others. It was much stronger in both scent and taste. It should be noted, however, that if you are going to try these products, do a scent-test before pouring them onto someone. They are hypoallergenic, but I’m not sure that includes scent sensitivies. My partner had a minor reaction, but she powered through with the testing.

When in actual use, the lubes definitely held up and performed admirably. When I saw the 2 in 1 label, I guessed they would work well as a massage oil OR a lube, but not both. I guessed wrong. These wonderful creations were not too thick to be easily workable and long-lasting massage oil for the entire body. One thing we did note is that the “heating” element didn’t noticeably happen, but this was a minor concern. Moving on to different intimate activities, they are equally long-lasting when we got down to some hotter times. They held up admirably to some extended genital and anal stimulation without getting at all sticky or unpleasant.

All in all, Wickedly Sensual’s line of 2 in 1 Flavoured are delightful products. They are a fun and easy-to-use addition to any tickle trunk.

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