Rabble-rousing for All to Read: Andrea Houston

“A journalist never reveals her secrets,” teases Toronto’s Andrea Houston. “I will say that my beats consist of Pride and gay-straight alliances (GSAs), but I have several stories on the go covering a gamut of sexual politics, censorship, Toronto’s municipal government and trans rights. Also, let’s not forget a provincial election is right around the corner.”

Andrea is one of the dogged, determined and delightful people who keep us all entertained and, more importantly, informed about important issues throughout the day with her continual Twitter updates and writing for Xtra!. She stayed vigil at the marathon Toronto City Council meeting. She is a strong voice in the continued fight for GSA’s in schools. And just this past weekend she happened to be on the scene when a woman, clad in a bra, was told by security to put her top back on at Toronto’s Festival of Beer “so guys don’t get the wrong idea.”

So, how does she get the scoop on so many important issues concerning sex in and around Toronto? “I am unabashed in my love for it, am continually fascinated by it, often intrigued by it and always hungry for more of it. The city itself is a very sexy place, especially in the summer. I also think it’s important the queer community continue to be sexual outlaws, constantly pushing the boundaries, challenging people, advancing sexual freedoms and rallying against all forms of censorship.”

With the Ontario provincial election coming this fall, expect much more of Andrea’s sharp critique of issues relating to the sex and queer communities—and much more. “I think this is especially crucial as the political powers in Canada grow increasingly conservative and, dare I say, prudish. If Tim Hudak wins the provincial leadership in October, people in Toronto will wake up to a trifecta of conservatism in Canada, so pushing sexual liberation should continue to be a priority for us all.”

When she’s not crafting some of the best 140 word missives in Canadian journalism, Andrea harbours a not-so-secret fantasy of starting and performing in a burlesque troupe and possibly starting her own line of sex toys some day. Neither should be out of her grasp, as someone who finds much inspiration in culture. Her shows and playthings could definitely provide thrills and sexy chills if they incorporate influences from some of her inspirations Madonna, Lady Gaga, Sasha Von Bon Bon, Beth Ditto and David Bowie.

At the same time, Andrea feels a passionate heart-on for those who are making the world better. “Nothing is sexier or more inspiring to me than people who are politically active, involved in their community and passionate for human rights.” People such as the founders of the Body Politic, Leanne Iskander and the GSA of St. Joseph in Mississauga and the many queer activists in Toronto all provide Andrea with the desire to write what she does to get their messages out.

And when she takes a break from rabble-rousing and tweeting, Andrea still gets her kicks from what’s going on intellectually. When asked where her sexual persona lives, she’s doesn’t hesitate. “Easy one: my brain controls all. In fact, I often say, I have yet to see a porno that is as comparably filthy as my own imagination. Take that Jenna Jameson!”