Proving Canadian Women Rock: Andee

What’s a girl-next-door to do? Between having a successful career, a loving relationship, growing family and fun hobbies, what other things might a sexy Canadian lady do to pass the time?

For her many fans, Andee made the right choice and decided to begin a hobby career sexing up the Internet with her wildly successful website. Of course, the main allure is Andee’s refreshing and unique approach to porn, but along with that she adds great little features that give her members a connection beyond just tits and ass.

Sexlife Canada chatted with Andee about getting into the business, typical porn representation and sex and stats.

SLC: What attributes make your site successful?
A: More than anything, I think what has proven to be the key for me has been to create this online life and allow the guys—and girls too, I suppose—to see that I am a very real person. I'm not the stereotypical buxom blonde California model that you can find on dozens of sites under a dozen different aliases. I like to believe that the people who visit and spend some time on my website see that I am the girl-next-door, the hockey mom and career woman who just happens to have a naughty hobby. Some people collect stamps...I get naked and pose for pictures.
    The Internet is a huge world filled with a lot of the same-old/same-old. I like to believe that I am offering something a little unique, for all the flaws. And hopefully all of that, the stories and information they find on my site, gives them a sense that I am a pretty average woman. And I believe with the glut of professional, airbrushed porn available, there is something more erotic and intriguing about an average woman—someone that could work in your office or live in your neighbourhood—getting downright dirty and sexed up at night.
    And with that, my husband and I try to create a few unique elements that make us stand out—from the selection of the photos to the stories on the pages. Add to that all the other things we do to keep my visitors engaged: My Sexy Northern Angel blog, Twitter and all those other social media things.
    There is a lot of thought that goes into putting my personality onto the site; a person that the guys will enjoy, want to get to know and recognize as someone real. Although some days I'm sure my fans are going "What the heck were you thinking?"

SLC: You work for a large company—ever thought about going out on your own?
A: When I started to explore my sexuality and exhibitionism online, I never set out with the idea in mind that I would have my own website. It was one of those adventures that kind of blossomed into something bigger. I like what Southern Charms has to offer for me; and I know their business methods don't work for everyone. The parent site is billed as the largest amateur website on the Internet, and there are a lot of benefits for me in being a part of that. I'm not very web savvy, and I could find someone to build a site for me, but then I would have to spend all the time developing the fan base, traffic, advertising and membership management on my own.
   I don't consider myself to be this woman who is a 'porn star.' I'm truly a 37-year-old wife, mom and career woman with an incredibly busy life and a healthy dose of horniness. Having the back-end managed by the admins at Southern Charms allows me to focus on what I love about it—doing the photos, flirting online with fans and generally discovering a more intriguing sexuality in myself and my marriage.

SLC: Is there an advantage to being a Canadian porn star? Is there a Canada fetish out there?
A: I don't there is an advantage, as much as there is a difference. I'm not the 10,000th model from Los Angeles with the same look and same attitude. It gives the guys I chat and email with a different angle on who Andee is. And better conversations that aren't just requests for cybersex. Quite a few of the guys like to know what Canada is all about; and let's be honest, I love how they tell me that seeing my website makes them believe Canadian girls rock! It has allowed me to advertise my site on a few Canadian-only model sites, but I think more of where it has been an advantage is with the guys who are from Canada that visit my site. For them there is that hint of ‘does she live near me’ naughtiness. And I love that too.

SLC: Where do you get those great sex factoids from?
A: I read a lot of trashy women's magazines! Actually, I'm a bit of a stats nut. In my real life, I work in a detailed job where formulas and math are required—call me a science geek, I suppose. But when I was looking at my website one day, I realized it was pretty average. I didn't want it to be like a hundred others, I wanted it to be more vibrant. By having these crazy sex stats and tidbits of information that amuse my visitors, in a small way it helps me create some conversations with them.
    Someone I know in the publishing industry once told me that guys love stats...and sex. So I spent some time researching fun sex stuff to include in the hope that the guys would get a little something different from my website. I tried to create a bit more personality for the pages, and let them see that there is a real person behind the photos, not some airbrushed professional model and a web designer. I hope it brings a little of my real-life quirkiness to the website-girl that everyone sees.

SLC: Have you ever considered working for a studio and doing films?
A: Shooting studio work is something that I would do, for sure. I love the fun I have in doing the amateur stuff, but I think everyone who dabbles with their exhibitionism and a digital camera has those fantasies of these magnificent professional photo shoots with hair and make-up. When I was younger I did some modelling for a photographer in my hometown. I enjoyed that, and even later in life dabbled a bit with some mainstream stuff—magazines and a few stints as a ‘booth bunny’ at tradeshows. And on the adult side, there's all kinds of great fantasies of how some photo shoots could go...
    As for movies, that's the one area that I really feel awkward with. I don't even begin to think I am any kind of an actress, so it takes me a very long time to get my brain into doing them. When I see myself in some of the videos, I think I'm a bit of a dork. Maybe acting classes might help, but I don't know if they have those for porn. Of course, as I have already done my own no-budget stuff, I'm not afraid to say that if the right offer came along I wouldn't be willing to entertain the idea ... is it safe to say we all have a bit of the Indecent Proposal gene in us?

SLC: Are you 'out' to your family and friends?
A: When I first started doing this I told my parents. It wasn't that I was seeking their approval or permission, but I wanted them to hear it from me first. That way they knew the truth of what I do online. Growing up in a small town means there are lots of people out there that will burn rubber to be the first to tear down someone else's reputation. My sister also had her own website on Southern Charms, but she ‘retired’ a few years ago for her own reasons. My brother has already called ahead and booked my seat near the kitchen in hell.
    Some friends know...I am very selective in who I tell. It's a trust issue. Those who do know, I think, like what I'm doing and don't judge me for the fun and excitement I have with it. And I know there is one male friend who is very enthusiastic about knowing an awful lot more!

SLC: If you were to receive a notification that one specific, awesome person found your site and thought you were sexy enough to join, who would you want that person to be?
A: It used to be Hugh Hefner, but he's gotten a little bit icky these days. When I was younger and better at battling the evils of gravity and age, I dreamed of getting the opportunity to pose for Playboy. In my mind, the magazine has always been the one major ‘porn’ thing that I would do in a heartbeat. These days...uh...give me 6 months notice to hit the gym.
    Otherwise, I have lots of fantasy guys that I would be intrigued to find out that they had joined my website—mostly men from my personal life that wander into my sexual thoughts every now and then. But if we want to nail it down, these days my panties get all wet fantasizing about a shirtless Tim McGraw checking out my photos and forgetting all about that gorgeous wife of his...and then I have other days when my panties get all wet about Faith Hill doing the same thing!

SLC: What are some of your non-website related interests?
A: I'm a bit of a sports fanatic. I love watching my kids play their sports, and I've played baseball for quite a few years now in a women's league. Being what my husband describes as a "good ol' Canadian girl," I recently started playing ice hockey—as a goalie too! Bruises look like crap in photos though. Away from all that I am a very passionate everything from make-you-wet erotica to scare-the-crap-out-of-you real ghost stories. And sex without the camera is always a great thing! We spend a lot of time keeping the passion alive.

SLC: What are your plans for the future, both online and off?
A: Right now I am enjoying my life. The Internet has turned into a really exciting adventure for me, discovering so much about my own fantasies and sexuality without being afraid of being judged. I'm very lucky to have someone sharing the adventure with me who encourages me, pushes me a bit and loves to let me be a sexual woman. So, I have no intention of quitting just yet. There are still many ideas and experiences I want to explore with my website. I'd love to expand the content that I offer, shoot updates at some more challenging locations, involve other people. Each year we seem to be able to push the limits just a bit further and then sit back and say "wow!"
    Offline, my life is insanely busy, I'm hoping to finish some work-required education, pass the exams I need too, and then settle into a bit more security. I have passion for travel, so there are many dream destinations I would love to turn into realities.
   And lots more sexual exploration. I have one particular fantasy that I am working very hard at turning into a reality—hot, naughty and not for my website. Not just yet, anyway.


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