The Pleasure of Escape: Max Cita

 “Certainly, the driving force behind all my escape challenges is the erotic,” reveals escape artist Max Cita. “The tactile sensation of the restraints was the starting point, but in more intense challenges loss of sight and hearing heightened the sensual to erotic overload. So to say the longer the restraint the more erotic the experience.”
Based out of the Ottawa area, Max is a legend in the fetish community. A renowned escape artist with a keen interest in power exchange, Max is also deeply into rubber and latex. He has been performing at events for years. He is also the purveyor of fine restraint devices through his company Caught In The Act.

Max’s interest in escapology began from his father’s firsthand stories of the master himself, Harry Houdini. In fact, his father worked at the ill-fated Houdini performance at McGill University where Houdini received the fatal punches that would ultimately kill him. Max heard the stories of the man who could escape from anything and that has turned into a lifelong interest in bondage and restraint.

There are many aspects to being bound that Max enjoys. “The Escape Challenge, whether I escape or not, yields endorphins and gives me a very relaxed state of mind post challenge. I also love the self empowerment that is giving up control, knowing that the restraint situation is going to physically hurt at some point. Just how long can I endure the discomfort as pleasure, not giving in to the urge to get out and stop the pain is the challenge. Also, the psychological challenge tests being able to control fear whether from panic, pain, boredom. And lastly the pleasure of sensory deprivation means to me removing as much of the environmental sensations as possible—not just tactile, but sight, hearing and taste too. The pleasure there is the floating or out of body experience, euphoria and loss of the sense of time.”

Throughout the fetish community, there are many different implements of restraint, including rope, cuffs, tape and much more. Max explains his personal interests: “Rope is the most interesting, whether doing private or public performances; the straitjacket and body bag always appealed to me in front of a crowd or struggling with technique privately. Handcuff escapes are interesting, but the reality is without a key I don't get out, hence the less interesting illusion side of Escapology or 'magic' In private challenges. My great pleasure is being restrained and immobilized while totally encapsulated in latex or heavy rubber. Latex body bags (sleep sacks), hazmat, and diving suits all afford a great restrictive, total enclosure. Another restraint pleasure which I used to do in the past was to be buried up to the neck in mud, wearing rubber inside chest waders and thick gloves for warmth. That was a pure erotic and sensual overload.“

Caught In the Act was born out of Max’s own need and desire for equipment for his escape challenges. While he started off offering leather collars, cuffs, and body restraints, he now offers straitjackets and variations and body bags (sleep sacks) in cotton and latex and next year he will be getting back into leather. He predominantly works on custom, one of a kind orders for clients.

Max has some sage advice for anyone interested in pursuing their escape and power exchange desires, either professionally or personally. “For professional experience. people should join a magic group/club and learn the showmanship that is required, as well as the various techniques, skills and challenges they need to perform on stage. For me it took 9 months to a year to perfect each straitjacket escape trick. However, for personal, private challenges (bondage really) the first thing to learn is the safety needs. Never try restraint play alone. Have experienced first aid people help you in your challenges. Ultimately, you must have trust in the people helping you. Trust being that the safety person is always nearby when you call to end a scene or need help. And for beginners. keep the challenges simple and learn how to conquer fear and panic if and when a challenge might go wrong. Always have a way out. Sadly we hear all to often of fatalities related to self bondage or auto erotic asphyxiation.”
While there are some risks, Max greatly enjoys all of his desires and will always continue exploring them. “My motto, although not original. is ‘Sanity is the playground of the unimaginative.’ I live by it.”