Plaything: Water Dancer

I was somewhat surprised to find Vibratex's Water Dancer become one of my new favourite things.

 It's not much to look at, and for the price you wouldn't think you're getting a lot, but daaaaaaaaamn! Something about the combination of the perfect amount of vibration, and the way the little nubs hug your contours just so, and... Mmmm! A wonderful little no-nonsense external vibe that will get you where you want to go for sure. It's also a great, lower-intensity, budget-friendly alternative to the Hitachi in Betty Dodson's "First Time Orgasm" technique.

A couple of drawbacks that might break the deal for some: 1) only one vibration setting leaves little room for finding out what's right for you (for me it's perfect, but I'm not everyone) and 2) it's LOUD! Not a jackhammer, and I don't find it particularly distracting, but if discretion is on your list, the Water Dancer might not be the gal for you. It's also (3) not likely to be incredibly long lasting, as it's relatively cheap, and battery-powered. But it's hygeinic (hard plastic!) and certainly a great option if you're a first time and/or budget-conscious masturbator.

Plus: bathtime whack off!