Plaything: Smart Balls

I was dubious of Smart Balls at first, unsure of what exactly having a pair of weighted bouncy balls up my twat would do for me (other than obviously being hilarious) but I am definitely a convert.

I bought them as an alternative to the dildo or barbell Betty Dodson recommends in her "First Time Orgasm" technique. They're great for this because they are totally low-maintenance; once they're in, they're in, unlike a dildo, which can have a tendency to pop out if you're not paying attention. Plus, get your Keigel muscles going and OOMPH! You will get them rolling around in all the right places. They also give a nice feeling of fullness without having a phallic shape, which some ladies might prefer. Plus, once or twice I was walking around my house after masturbating and thought, "what is that knocking around inside my... OH," having forgotten to take them out, which is good if you like a little post-orgasm giggle.

I opted for the Original version, but you might consider springing for the newer, Teneo version, as the withdrawal string is supposed to be more durable (I've heard reports of the original string degrading to reveal the rope underneath, which isn't hugely hygienic) and there's also the option of having one or two balls, depending on your preference.

Finally, take note, if you're looking more for something that will simulate penetration, thrusting and all, or if you require a more intense feeling of fullness, the Smartballs might not be for you.

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