Plaything: Liquid Silk

Liquid Silk is the second lubricant I’ve tried. No hard feelings to my old stand-by, but I get restless even using the same toothpaste for too long, so I figured it was time to switch things up. Liquid Silk intrigued me with its sassy packaging, and its promise of non-tacky, no stick, lotion-y goodness.

Certainly no complaints on the non-tacky, lotion-y front. It was lovely and smooth, and (for my purposes, anyway—good ol’ fashioned vaginal penetration) sufficiently long-lasting. I bought the smaller bottle just to test it out, but I do like that the larger size has a pump top; no surprise lube-tsunamis when you’re trying to squeeze just a little more out.

However, I noticed from the first time I opened up the bottle that it has a very curious scent. Not unpleasant, necessarily, but very strongly reminiscent of… well… silly putty. No kidding. It smells exactly like silly putty. I guess this is a good or a bad thing, depending on where your fetishes lie? Personally, I found the chemically smell to be a bit of a turn-off, and it also speaks to the somewhat less than 100% organic ingredient list, so that’s something to consider. Plus, word has it that it tastes awful, so if you’re like me and you like a little post-coital cunnilingus, this might not be the right lube for you.

Speaking strictly of lubrication though, it certainly does its job well, and if you’re not going to be sticking your face in it, I’d say you could do far worse.

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