Plaything: Hitachi Magic Wand

I had seen the Hitachi Magic Wand—a powertool of a vibrator—used to get women ejaculating for the camera in many a blue video and I now know why. Even on its low setting, it sends shockwaves through the pelvis vibrating the G-spot from outside. I place a down pillow between it and my lower stomach for an out-of-this-world clit G-spot combo orgasm. Try it while being penetrated and you also might find new ways to scream OH MY GOD. I purchased a special pink extension cord from an Italian hardware store just for this toy so I can use it across the room in my chair. The 6 foot cord it has is enough for my bed sessions, though. As a back massager it works like a charm to wrestle knots into submission. I gave a Hitachi to my mom and she keeps it in the living room for her feet. Not my intention but she's getting regular foot worship, at least. The value of this most powerful of vibrators is incredible, as they go for years and years usually without a hitch and I appreciate never having to fortify it with batteries.

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