Plaything: Cunt: A Declaration of Independence

"Moving from phonetics to etymology, ‘vagina’ originates from a word meaning sheath for a sword. Ain’t got no vagina." – Inga Muscio

If this book had been in my life as a teenager, I may very well have skipped years and years of faking orgasms, lying about masturbating, being afraid to touch/talk about/think about my vagina. Cunt: A Declaration of Independence is a jumpstart for body acceptance and sex positivity.

Muscio starts by taking you through the etymology of what was once a positive word for women, but does more than urge gals to reclaim the epithet. She unpacks the word and with it, addresses the effect that sex- and body-shaming have on women. The book debunks body myths and societal taboos from women’s masturbation to men’s anal play, from menstruation to promiscuity. And it’s all topped off with a “Cuntlovin’ Guide to the Universe”!

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