Pillow Talk: Lilyanne from Pornographic Love

You can see pretty much everything in the wide world of porn. Every fetish, every position, every body type, every everything. But one thing that is not as common to find when searching the world wide spank bank is love and genuine passion. Pornographic Love, a new website featuring Lilyanne and Max brings together the sensual and sexual side of their relationship by featuring photos and clips of hot and erotic scenes. Based out of Montreal, and in partnership with Camille Crimson and Mike Flirt of Art of the Blowjob, Lilyanne and Max hope to turn viewers on by displaying the unique intimacy that only a loving couple can share.

Sexlife Canada discussed what goes into making this surprisingly unique brand of porn with Lilyanne.

SLC: Why did you want to start your own site?
Lilyanne: We started this website because it is such a turn on to show the world how beautiful and passionate our sex life is. We also wanted to express our sexuality in a different way and we wanted to have a total control of our image. We believe that there is not enough love in most of the porn these days and we wanted to spread the love.

SLC: Have either of you worked in porn before?
Lilyanne: Max never worked in porn before, but I have. I've worked with different companies here in Montreal only for fetish, solo or lesbian scenes. Max is the first man and the only one with whom I have had sex on camera.

SLC: Does working in front of the camera change the dynamic of your sex?
Lilyanne: Yes it spices the things up. When we are shooting a video, we always have real passionate sex, but, of course, we need to keep cool head to be sure that the shots are great. Something new for us is that when we are editing our videos, we often get turned on by watching ourselves having sex. We don't want to be narcissistic, but the concept of getting excited by ourselves is weird—but fun. We are also careful about keeping some time for sex without the camera. It is important to have moments when we focus on each other only and not about the right angle.

SLC: What are some of your favorite videos you've shot so far?
Lilyanne: I like them all! But I can say that I pretty proud of the squirting videos. And I am planning to do a lot more.

SLC: Are you 'out' about the website to friends and family?
Lilyanne: For my side, yes. All my close friends and family knows about it. I am very proud of the site and I have always been very open-minded about these things. But I am careful because I know that most of the people don't see life the way I see it. Max's closest friends know about the site, but he is more reserved about it than I am.

SLC: What key elements do you want to portray on your site?
Lilyanne: Love is definitely the main thing we want to display. A healthy, passionate and regular sex life is one the most satisfying things to experience and it is also beautiful to watch. It is something not very common in the porn industry right now and we are sure that there is an interest in it. Love is the biggest turn on.

SLC: Do either of you have plans to work on other sites with other performers?
Lilyanne: We'd like to maybe do videos with Camille and/or Mike. I am also working on bringing some of my friends into our site, who are not in the porn industries at all. It's a work in progress.

SLC: Away from the site, what are your interests and hobbies?
Lilyanne: Whether it's music, visual arts, street arts or food, I spend a lot of time consuming the arts. I also love cooking and trying new recipes. I am an epicurian, so an evening with friends, movie night and drinks on patios are a big part of my spare time. In the summer time, I do a lot of bicycling and in winter I snowboard and ski. Max is really into DIY. He also loves kite surfing in winter.

SLC: Now that the site is up and running, what are your long-term goals for it?
Lilyanne: We want to take care of it. We want to open minds to healthy and loving sex with the help of Camille and Mike over at The Art of Blowjob, and still be able to share our love for years.