Perfect Sexual Alloy: Velvet Steele

“I don't recall the first moment I thought I wanted to transition, but I always knew something was different,” reveals Vancouver-based Velvet Steele. “I did a lot of counseling, soul-searching, and general self-evaluation. When I did take the decision to fully transition it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Moving on from then I knew was going to be difficult because of the surgeries but also knew it would be so gratifying and fulfilling.”

And gratifying and fulfilling is where we pick up Velvet’s story in the present day. As Canada’s hottest post-op transsexual dominatrix/mistress, she provides thrills and fulfills the desires of many through her website and private sessions (for those lucky enough to be close by). This tattooed beauty of Danish descent who grew up in the punk community tantalizes from the moment you meet her.

In both her work and personal life, Velvet maintains a strong connection to the BDSM life and community. A chance encounter with a man in Copenhagen at only 14 years of age gave Velvet the glimpse she needed. “He took me to his place and there was, from a visual standpoint, no interaction. I saw his place, very basic IKEA style furniture, but with the dining room set up in Elizabethan style decor. It wasn't until I noticed a man hanging from the ceiling over top of the table who I later learned was his personal slave. He recognized something in me that he wanted to bring forward in my daily life of the kinkster/fetishist and from there I never looked back.”

Many have told Velvet that being trans in the BDSM community has a “strong connection” that comes with a distinct level of bravery. And while those into BDSM are generally accepting, it isn’t always the case. “On the whole I think the community of BDSM is accepting of trans people but that's not to say everyone. I've come up against many individuals who have called me a fake, a freak, a loser, lost, and a few other words not worth mentioning, but I've never let that get me down. I do what I want, I enjoy what I want, and as a result have loving wonderful people in my life including my family.”

When it comes to her work, Velvet has made a different sort of transition. She started in sex work with private sessions and eventually started her website. She was hesititant to see the use of computers, not wanting to lose the connection with clients, “but now that I see the beauty and the tool that a computer is for so many forms of communication and have fully embraced it.” This is leading her to consider cutting back on private sessions. “I enjoy both but dealing with people on a daily basis is somewhat exhausting and at present I want to develop a passive-style income creating art in the realm I so love and present. That is not to say I'm going to stop private sessions they just will come with this different set of criteria and accessibility to me.”

In her own time, Velvet enjoys fashion photography, videography and editing, hairstyling, makeup artistry, travel, and exercise. She loves to meet new people and nurture friendships that will last. “I am very, as I've been told, nurturing to those in my life. I'm very protective, fiercely protective, finding myself looking out for the good of those around me.”

Velvet has plenty of big plans coming up, both with work and fun. “For the future I'm looking forward to getting my new website started, as well as my educational series, presentation, and sales of adult sex toys. I'm looking at moving into a warehouse style place to live and work all from one space. I'm also going back to travel as I once did in my earlier years. There is so much to see and do I want to do as much as I can from my bucket list.”