Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada January 17-22

Lots to do this week, and lots to see...from sea to sea!

Women, have you always wanted to know how you could be the one to approach men? Well, Award Winning Dating Doctor Daniel Packard presents FLIRTFEST to give you some insight. My suggestion? Say 'hi.'

Noir Fetish Ball promises to blow your mind. Yes, they said 'mind.' Though maybe something else too if you're lucky.

MAsT: Calgary  “Fitting a Square Peg in a Round Hole” features a discussion on relationship compatibility and compromises. And who says fetish folk aren't just like regular folk?

Carnal Desires “An evening of Kinky Fun” is a brand new night starting up in the City of Champions. Looks like it will be a winner!

St. Catharines
I grew up in Niagara. Let me tell you there are kinky folks down there. Check out the Phoenix Niagara Munch to meet some!

A good scene is much more than some rope, handcuffs and a paddle. Learn more at The Art of Crafting BDSM Scenes.

Use your noggin and sign up for Going Down: A Guide to Fellatio.

There's dinner, discussion, coffee and then play time? Sounds like Invitation to the next evening at Boudoir Rouge in Trois-Rivières would be a great date night!

Shannon Hardy helps Mom's get back into the sexual swing of things at How to Get Your Groove Back: Post-childbirth.