Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada January 10-16

Whereas December was a little slow for sex-related events, January is a hot one! Come melt the winter blues away at any of these events. Be sure to check out our event listings for other events in your area (and post 'em if ya got 'em!).

Disability & Pleasure: Exploring Sex and Sexuality is the first in a 6-part workshops series for those with lived experience of disability. Looks like it will be a fantastic time!

Seems a pretty simple idea that most of us don't think of. Better Sex Yoga Class offers participants the opportunity to develop better sex through movement, breath and meditation exercises.

Rare is the opportunity to wear your gear to a public gathering like, Fetish Slosh! And gettin' sloshed sure sounds fun.

You have to applaud the people who are teaching the world the important things in life. Check out Venus Envy's workshop The Big O for Her! Tips and Tricks for Bigger, Better and More Frequent Orgasms!.

This weeks fantastic looking munch: Montreal West Island Munch

Some people might think this must be the easiest thing in the world. Trust me, a truly fantastic blowjob is definitely mind...wait for it....blowing. Check out Venus Envy's Going Down: A Guide to Fellatio.

St. Catharines
Rope work is a beautiful thing. In the course of performing fetishistic activites, art can be born. Learn more at Shibari Niagara Rope Practice.

My guess is that Mr. Hefner won't be there, but a Playboy Mansion Pajama Play Party!!! sure does sound fun.