Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada

Lots to see and do this week! Get out and get sexy!

Been curious but never tried it? Anal stimulation and sex remains an elusive goal of many a curious sexplorer. Many are afraid it will hurt, many are fearful of hygiene issues. Well, if you’re thinking about traveling down the backroad, check out The Art of Loving’s Backside Love workshop! There’s lots of fun to be had back there, and I bet the workshop will be good too.

Calgary Adult Playground Club seems to be a breath of fresh air for the swing scene. I know it isn’t the 70s anymore and The Lifestyle has evolved, and evolved it has! Realm of Fantasy “Desires and Dreams Become Reality” sounds like a fantastic event because of the wide variety of people it hopes to appeal to. The group is open to all kinds of gender expression, kink and relationships. Sound like a late fall harvest of sex!

For many people, discussing sex and sexuality is a necessary and wildy helpful method of discovery and self-realization. Many areas have groups that meet for chat and camaraderie, care and compassion. The Ottawa Bi-Town group meets next under the theme “Preparing for the Holidays”—and we all know how stressful they can be!

How could you go wrong at an event called The Sex Festival? Lucky folks in Halifax certainly can’t as there are a number of great looking events happening through the rest of November and into early December. A tasty evening is sure to be offered at Finger Lickin’ Good: Stories from the Sack. Tales of cathouses, mindfucking and porn!

Have you ever wanted to surprise a special someone with a candlelit room, sexy music and a lapdance that will drive that special someone especially crazy? Then sign up for Stripping, Lap Dancing and Sexual Seducation. Dylan Ryan has the goods and will be teaching you how to ROCK SOCKS OFF with. Build your confidence and moveset.