OMG That Goes Where?!—a Sex & Kink Blog

 Oh My Gods, That Goes Where?! is a sex blog that reviews sex toys and products and features posts on topics like BDSM and polyamory. As you may guess from the pluralisation in the name, it brings a Wiccan perspective to the table. It is run by Mei QingTing, Pet Lexie, and Master Daemen and is named after Mei’s exclamation when Lexie first brought her to Northbound Leather.

Lexie and Daemen are a married couple, currently monogamous but previously poly, both bisexual and in a 24/7 D/S relationship. Mei is a heteroflexible, polyamorous-friendly, play-only-BDSM-submissive, and currently single woman. So they bring a wealth of personal experience to their site.

They each also bring a unique perspective: Mei is still new to “the kink world, open sexuality and polyamory” so her posts are full of the wonder of discovery. Lexie, Mei’s longtime friend, studied Women Studies with a focus on sexuality in university and has experience as a sex toy educator. Daemon provides a male perspective as well as being the dominant one of the trio.

Well on the path to broadening her sexual horizons before starting the blog, Mei relates that it has helped her identify further possibilities and more avenues to explore. She says “the blog has given me an outlet to air my questionings and feelings, and if others can offer their insight into my situation, or if it can help someone else experiencing a similar situation, then all the better.” And of course she loves all the sex toys and products she gets sent to review!

Mei says it’s been a learning experience both sexually and also in critical analysis. She says that the main challenge has been “to round up experiences and situations we've been through in the past, condense them into something we can write about and then find the lesson or the voice in everything. What has all of this meant to us and what could it all mean to the reader?...I think it's really taught us to both be, at times, more critical about events and situations that we'll go through and at other times accept that perhaps there isn't a question that needs answering and just the experience itself is enough.”

Not every product they are sent to review is a hit, but Mei says that it’s still a fun experience trying something out, even if, ultimately, they don’t like it. For example, one of the products Mei didn’t like so much proved that size does indeed matter—the Glass Slipper was far too long and wide for her. And for every toy that doesn’t quite work out, there are two more that do—Mei loves the Lelo Siri and the Velvet Curve G-spot vibrator.

So keep an eye on the site, subscribe to the RSS, or follow them on Twitter, to keep abreast of what goes where!