No Beer Goggles Needed: Miss Apodysis

“It was a lovely day in summer of '05 or '06 and I was enjoying the patio weather with my good friend Lee,” remembers Toronto burlesque freak Miss Apodysis. “A woman named Pynky Love happened by with flyers and asked Lee if he knew anyone who could dance at her next show. Though I barely knew what burlesque was, he recommended me and I was drunk, so I agreed.”

Sometimes decisions made when under the liquid influence aren’t the best, but given how Miss Apodysis has taken the stage by storm, maybe a tipple here and there isn’t such a bad idea. Specializing in cyberlesque, she takes her stage name from the phobia of being undressed or seen naked. “It seemed like a natural choice.”

The cyberlesque style rather different than the classic or modern burlesque that dominates the scene today. Miss Apodysis herself calls it “fucking weird.” Costume, movement and key music are still important aspects, but the costumes are far more ragged, the movements more frantic and the music is harder, darker and more edgy. All of this comes together into a wholly different kind of hot and sexy display. Her favourite routine to do is to a song called “More Brains.”

Despite her own style being alternative, Miss Apodysis is pleased that burlesque, in general, has moved into the mainstream. One thing that she’d like to see more of in the scene? “I'd like to see more boys!”

As she continues to pursue her art, Miss Apodysis always remembers her inspiration, Toronto burlesque legend Pynky Love. Ever since Pynky recruited her, Miss Apodysis has offered encouragment and instruction. And, just as in other mentor situations, the student sometimes resists the teacher. “She is ever insistent that I should have grace & class where I prefer none and has supported my endeavours and taught me so much.”

The future looks bright for Miss Apodysis as she continues to her unique performances around town. Having recently joined the Pretty ‘N’ Inked troupe, she is “brimming with new ideas” that are “still in their birthing stages.” We can’t wait to see what pops out.

Catch Miss Apodysis and Pretty ‘N’ Inked at SINSTRIP, Friday July 22, 9pm at Hard Luck Bar (812 Dundas St. W.).