Naked Toni Reels 'Em In

I can be a bit of a stats nerd and I love tracking the number of hits, pageviews and such for Sexlife Canada. Google Analytics is probably my most frequently visited site, using it to track your reading patterns and what types of sex articles you’re interested in. Then I can seek out people, businesses, groups and sexual interests for future articles on SLC.

Following Analytics, I can also see how we’ve been doing as a site and whether readership has been growing. I’m happy to report that in the past year, it most definitely has been. Just how a slow and sensual tease usually gives rise to a progressing bulge in my pants, our numbers have steadily risen.

However, there is no way I could have anticipated the instantaneous rock hard boner our site (and I) got when our numbers went through the zipper this past weekend. I was in shock. I mean, I always expect our numbers to creep up, but the massive jump was improbable. Did a whole bunch of sex-positive people suddenly find the site?

Fortunately, Google tells me where the traffic came from—one story I wrote about 10 months ago on Toni Johnson and her Toronto club Oasis Aqualounge. Toni caused a bit of a stir recently by showing up at a couple of Toronto International Film Festival red carpet events naked. In fact, she’s been stripping down all over town as part of a segment for Naked News called ‘Crazy Things Toni Does Naked’ This prompted Mike Strobel of the Toronto Sun to publish a piece about Toni’s adventures last Saturday.

And that’s where Sexlife Canada benefited. After finding the article I did some Google searches. Lo and behold, by searching “toni johnson oasis” our story is the top result, and that is how the curious came to check out our site. I can just imagine what the exposure about her exposure does for the Oasis site.

This thrills me. Sure, the hits have pulled back to their predictable pace but the big boner spike proved that people, even those reading a conservative paper like the Sun, are into reading about sex. Toni’s fantastic forays piqued interest, enough to move from Strobel’s column to other sources to learn more. And once they got to SLC, they didn't just read the Toni article, they moved to a few different spots of the site.

Maybe some of these people will go and visit Oasis. Maybe some will keep reading Sexlife Canada. Maybe some of them just had their minds’ expanded a bit to consider the existence of a sex club or a sex news website. I hope some of them bring some kind of hand-held reader to Oasis to read SLC while taking a break. I wonder if Toni has WiFi…