Montreal Magic at Fetish Weekend

“Fetish events, like any other trends, follow cycles of acceptance or rather, enthusiasm,” muses Eric Paradis, Producer of Montreal Fetish Weekend. “Perhaps we happen to ride the peak of the wave.…Who knows, I can only affirm that life would be dull were it not for the free expression of our fantasies.”

That wave will certainly crest and crash into thunderous sexy fun over the Labour Day weekend as people of many different kinks pull into Montreal for the many events that comprise the Fetish Weekend. Now in its 7th year, the event features workshops, fashion shows, balls, play parties and much more. “Saturday Latex Ball was the main drawing when we started but Sunday’s Night of Masks, in essence a play party, grew into something beyond our expectations and now Friday night’s Kabaret Kink showcases hundreds of talented designers, models and artists.”

What sets the Montreal fetish weekend apart is that there are also events that bring fetish out into the community. Candyass and King will lead a Red Light Walking Tour. Eric also suggests Tanis and Stephane’s Exhibitionists Photo Tour. “It is a free event that unites the fetishistas and photographers with the city creating some of the most incredible moments (and photos) of the weekend.”

Many people view Montreal as Canada’s sexual playground and it seems natural that the fetish scene would have deep roots. Eric testifies to the strength of the desire, but not so much the scene. “There is no real fetish scene per se. There are just too many talented individuals crafting away to create a true administrative structure to it all and, quite frankly, that’s the beauty of it. You may have the newcomers and well as the old guard setting new standards every step of the way and such healthy competition can only ensure a better tomorrow.”

While there are many events throughout each month in Montreal, but this mass collection of kink definitely pulls more people out of their homes and to the events. “The event draws well over 500 attendees from outside the big city so it is only normal that the locals will want to come out and play for this once a year gathering of linked-minded enthusiasts and, let me tell you, what beautiful music they make!”

Personally, Eric is most looking forward to Sunday’s Night of Masks, revealing “there’s often a communal moment of climax that can be felt throughout the venue. Quite literally, it is like a fabulous release of our collective energy focused on a single time and place.”

For newcomers to the scene or event, Eric offers these words of advice: “Pace yourself…Over the years the event has grown to 7 days and nights of kinky delights, a sort of fetish Disneyland. Definitely not for the faint of heart, but most assuredly heaven for the enthusiasts. A true, round the clock fetish holiday where an open-minded city becomes a lovely playground.”

Montreal Fetish Weekend runs Tuesday August 30 to Monday September 5. Click here to purchase tickets.