Make a copy of your favorite vagina!

New Book: Manuela's Manual: An illustrated instruction manual explaining in detail how to make a realistic, life size and very sensuous plaster sculpture of a vulva; a fun, easy and sexy art project for playful couples.
by Manuela Lollenbeck

Discover the joy of genital casting. This book demonstrates how to make a plaster sculpture of a vulva. That's right. In a few steps you can make a highly realistic and durable representation of your favorite vagina.

How is this done? The procedure is quick, safe, comfortable and easily achievable at small expense and minimum tools and materials. An alginate or silicone rubber mix is applied directly over the model's skin. A plaster bandages shell is then constructed over this first layer. When everything has set, just 10 minutes later, the mold is removed from the model and a batch of liquid plaster or other casting material is cast into it.

Where to buy the alginate? What kind of alginate to buy? How much to buy? Why cotton wool? Is the water cold or hot? How thick the alginate mold should be? How many layers of plaster bandages are needed? How much plaster to mix? How thick the plaster cast should be? The book provides the answers.

Manuela Lollenbeck is a professional sculptor and a leading authority on this very unusual area of expertise.

Publication Date: Dec 24 2011
82 pages, full colour