The Loving Dominant: Lady Seraphina

“I am a very caring and nurturing Domme,” reveals Calgary’s Lady Seraphina, “Using play to facilitate healing and stress relief. I am also a heavy sadist, and take great pride in helping my bottoms push their limits, both in range of activity and level of play.“

The popular image of a Domme is strong-willed, harsh and heavy-handed. And for some that is exactly what they want in a BDSM practitioner. Just as in anything sex or sex-related, there are many different types of play. Lady Seraphina describes herself as a ‘Loving Dominant’ on her website: 

I feel each and every one of my submissives and slaves are a gift to be treasured. Each of you is unique and special, and it is my task—and joy—to train you, torment you, punish you, and praise you. It is my way that I build you up rather than tear you down. Think of yourself as my possession; why would I want to keep a useless toy? Rather, I want to help you develop, to grow within your service to me, and become the best slave, toy, pet, or sub you can be. In this way, you become more valuable, and much more prized.

Some people just know they’re kinky, even when they’re young. Lady Seraphina remembers that her thoughts always veered that way. “I think I've always been kinky, back to my first thoughts of a sexual nature when I was a young child. When I was a teenager, I was interested in all aspects of sex and of kink, and despite the fact that I wasn't sexually active, I was the one all my friends came to for sex facts. When I was 19, I met someone in the lifestyle who offered to teach me about BDSM, and I haven't looked back since. I count from there as my 'years in the lifestyle' since that's when I first had a clue what I was doing, and this year makes 13!”

That interest and experience in the BDSM world took a new direction when Lady Seraphina was looking for a professional change. “I was working for the government, and wanted a change. My intention was to go back to school, and I got the chance to become a professional Domme, which I thought would pay for my schooling. Silly me, as soon as I started doing this professionally, I couldn't imagine wanting to do anything else. That was six years ago.”

Beyond her work in her dungeon, Lady Seraphina is also co-host of Urban Sex on CSJW. She hopes to continue to continue the dialogue about kink. “I intend to develop workshops to teach on the topics of BDSM and sexuality, and I've been doing more traveling to fetish events and workshops across Canada, and plan to continue to do so, hopefully heading abroad as well. I would like to finally get my book written, and work to increase understanding and acceptance of kink as part of a ‘normal’, healthy sex life.”