A Look Inside a TGirl's World, Courtesy of TS Sunshine's Blog

 A Look Into the Tgirl World, Courtesy of TS Sunshine’s Blog
by Peter Berton

Sex news, wit, and advice for first-time tgirl lovers: You’ll find it all in TS Sunshine’s blog. Found on this Calgary tgirl escort’s website at blog.ts-sunshine.ca, Sunshine’s blog is thought-provoking, fun, and erotic.

SexLifeCanada.ca recently asked Sunshine why she got into the blog business – and why the website that accompanies it is so classy:

Sunshine: The Internet is still a new thing, especially in the way it is impacting escorts. When I first started escorting, I didn't even have a website.

The term "callgirl" implies that the transaction is initiated via a telephone call. The Internet is pushing us to redefine everything.

My first website was something I put together myself but I am no programmer. The results were less than impressive.

I wanted something better, something more. I hired a web designer and have been working with her ever since. MJ at Photography100 is one of the best.

My website is a work in progress -- an evolution of ideas as I try to create an online persona. The blog is an extension of this effort.

I didn't want to be too wordy on the website but I saw a need to address certain questions and discuss certain topics. For those who are in the mood to spend a few minutes reading, I hope to provide pertinent information and, hopefully, speak about things that aren't part of everyday conversation.

It is almost a private conversation between the reader and me.

SexLifeCanada: What items do you cover on your blog?

Sunshine: I've tried to answer the questions which seem to plague most people who have an interest in Tgirls. I've also used the blog as a way to introduce new services, discuss travel plans, and go into a little more detail about current issues.

Finally, I have used the blog as a repository of private material reserved for the members of my mailing list. That material is too racy to include in the main part of the website. The members of my mailing list can handle it whereas the casual surfer might not.

I'm sure the contents of the blog will change over time as I continue to experiment with it. I have noticed that my ideas have been copied by other Tgirl escorts. I enjoy being original. If other girls want to follow my example, I find that flattering but I will always look for a way to provide something unique.

SexLifeCanada: In your blog entry, "so this is your first time?", you provide a highly thoughtful and objective rundown of the issues first-timers face in meeting a tgirl. What motivated you to write this?

Sunshine: I am just being practical. After addressing certain questions over and over again, I realized that prospective clients and fans of tgirls often had the same questions. I had to think that many more people thought about these things but never had the courage to ask. Why not address these questions up front?

I think it worked. I hardly ever get asked these questions now.

SexLifeCanada: Your entry, "TS escorts, not so unique anymore', is a scholarly theatrical/cultural look at t-girls and their place in society. Does this reflect your own journey in trying to understand your own identity?

Sunshine: I think you are going too far. I'm far from being scholarly about anything. I touched on history in a very broad and general way.

I wrote this article because people sometimes don't know what to make of tgirls. With this article, I tried to provide a larger context, to show that this isn't so strange or unique after all. There is a long standing historical record of trans manifestations and our Canadian version is just that - our version of something that has existed throughout history.

As for the second part of your question, I think I understand who I am. I'm not trying to mimic anyone. I'm not trying to follow some established path. I am who I am and I'm happy with that.

So there really isn't much connection between the article and my own journey except to say that I have had my own journey. The article is more about my client's journey as he begins to accept himself a little more and reaches out to what attracts him.

SexLifeCanada: Overall, you appear to take a very professional attitude to escorting in your blog; akin to that of a professional therapist. Does this reflect your own thinking?

Sunshine: I want to be professional. I want my client to experience something that opens his horizons. I want the lights to come on.

I do feel some responsibility to provide a good experience, especially for first timers. In the continuum of life, there is room for anything and everything.

If a client is attracted to something and this attraction does no harm to anyone, then what's wrong with that? When that client reaches out tentatively and tries something new, I want it to be a good experience.

I really enjoy being an ambassador in this way. Once clients become jaded and habituated, this magic is gone. But it is a beautiful thing while it lasts.

SexLifeCanada: What do you hope to achieve by writing this blog?

Sunshine: To sum up, I see the blog as a useful extension of the website. Let's face it, it is an escort website. It isn't the sort of thing that could be considered part of the mainstream but why not make it something special? That's what I've tried to do.