KINKston CARNALval: Sexy fun for good causes

“There are a lot of sex positive people out there who want to make their sex lives fun and exciting, they just need the opportunity to do so,” suggests Deb Kinder of Kington, Ontario’s Sex Worker Action Group (SWAG). In order to facilitate those needs for people and promote two worthy organizations, Kinder has helped organize the upcoming KINKston CARNALval, a fundraiser for SWAG and Kingston’s Reelout Queer Film and Video Festival on Friday January 21 at Renaissance Event Venue.
The coupling of the two groups is a reflection of the landscape of Kingston’s sex community—or lack thereof. “Kingston is a fairly conservative and sex negative town generally speaking,” reveals Kinder. Reelout was started in 1999 and SWAG was begun just a year ago. Kinder also works for HIV/AIDS Regional Services (HARS)—a grassroots organization that promotes sex positivity. These three groups are all considered “edgy” in Kingston, and when Kinder discussed the idea of a fundraiser with Matt Salton, the director of Reelout, they decided an edgy, sexy event was the best way to go.
CARNALval is shaping up to be just that—very edgy and very sexy. Featuring two floors of delights, the upstairs will have a pole dancing lessons, queer erotic movies from Reelout and—if they can get enough volunteers—a kissing booth. There will be burlesque shows, featuring Boylesque from Toronto. Downstairs will be a dungeon theme with with flogging stations, hot wax, whipped cream, rope tying and bondage and a spanking booth. Safety information will be provided throughout both floors and there will be raffles throughout the night.
Tickets for the event are $25 ($20 in advance) with the funds being split between SWAG and Reelout. It is a members only event, but membership to SWAG can be purchased at the door. SWAG hopes to use the money raised to start a website and purchase a van to aid in doing street outreach on weekend nights—delivering harm reduction items such as condoms, lube, clean needles and warm weather items such as socks and warm soup to sex workers and others. Reelout will use the funds to continue presenting the festival every February.
Kinder laments that these type of events don’t happen often in Kingson. “There are no gay bars in Kingston at the moment, and all kink play happens in private homes. The KINKston CARNALval will hopefully bring some of that wonderful sexual energy out in the open a bit more.” The organization of this event has already brought some people out—the local BDSM and queer communities have embraced the CARNALval with much volunteer gusto. Others are getting into the spirit as well. “The staff who work at the venue where the fundraiser will be held, have all volunteered to work that night.”
KINKston CARNALval takes place Friday January 21 at Renaissance Event Venue. For further information, contact Deb Kinder.