Kevin Dong, Homegrown T-Girl Photographer

 The Hard Life of Kevin Dong
by Peter Berton

Pity poor Kevin Dong. As a staff photographer for, Kevin spends his days taking photographs of the world’s most beautiful t-girls. (He speaks about his hard life at his site,

Now that we think of it, don’t feel sorry for Kevin Dong. He’s doing exactly what he wants and getting paid for it! Here’s what his life is like:

SexLifeCanada (SLC): Please tell us about yourself:

Kevin Dong (Kevin): I am a 24 year old recent university graduate. I like listening to the radio, going to the gym, cooking, sports, cars, girls, all the regular guy stuff. Porn is also a favourite naturally!

SLC: How did you get into the adult industry?

Kevin: I work for Grooby Productions on a full time basis, but started out as part time when I found out through a friend that there is an opening for a Canadian photographer. I contacted the owner of Grooby, Stephen Grooby, and was able to secure the position after a trial period which took several months. I was in my last year at university and to be honest Steven and his company are the reason I was able to succeed. Grooby has done a lot for me and I'm really fortunate to be working for them.

SLC: What does your job entail?

Kevin: The job entails seeking out, making contact with, meeting, and photographing the newest hottest transsexuals from all over Canada

SLC: So where do you find your models?

Kevin: I find my models everywhere! The internet, night club, or through referrals from friends. Grooby also sends me models once in a while.

SLC: Take us inside a t-girl shoot: What is it like?

Kevin: A typical shoot is done on a closed set meaning that there is no unnecessary personnel present at the photoshoot. It is just the model and the photographer. We have a photo and video element in our shoots as some of our members hold a preference to one over the other.

SLC: Do you try to tell a story with your photos?

Kevin: I definitely try to tell a story with my photos. I like to take the members on a "date" with the models, first showing the girls clothed, and undressing gradually just as one would at the end of a night out. I am very creative and artistic with my posing, so I make sure the girls always look their best.

SLC: What is the most interesting shoot that you have done to date?

Kevin: The most interesting shoot would have to be Bianka Banks. I have never seen anyone suck themselves before in real life. It's just not something you come across. Being in porn opened my view on a lot of things. At one point during Bianka's shoot I remember thinking to myself "is this real life?” I couldn't believe that I was actually living this for real.

SLC: So what are the pros and cons of being a t-girl photographer?

Kevin: I love working with the gorgeous fantastic transsexual models. I have the opportunity to meet and see all of these girls that I looked at in pictures online since I was 17. It’s really terrific. I guess the only hard part is carrying all that camera equipment! Ha ha ha!

SLC: So where do you hope to go with your career?

Kevin: My future goal is to bring more exposure to the gorgeous transsexual models that we have in this enormous and diverse country. The girls here are among the most beautiful in the world. And they keep getting better and better! So I want to make sure I showcase this as much as possible and try to help the girls with their modelling careers also.