The Joy of Obsession: Mistress Emma

“Sex is a dichotomy of good and evil,” muses Newfoundland’s Mistress Emma. “It's the ultimate antagonist that keeps us guessing as to whether it's the evil villian or the hero. Sex is treated like it should be a dirty, vulgar, naughty secret that happens only behind closed doors. Sexual assault is as prevalent as ever.. Erectile dysfunction causes pervasive self esteem issues. With all of the bad, it still manages to be something we long for, it sells, we drown in it, and it can be our only salvation at a time where it's needed. It is the ultimate power—sex, sensuality, and all of the conflicting emotions we've managed to tie up in it as a society. The hunt for that kind of quiet power is what truly captivates me.”

These are strong and wise words from a person with deep and intimate knowledge of sex, kink and fetish. Describing herself as obsessed with BDSM, Mistress Emma writes frequently and with great emotion about her experiences and thoughts on her blog.

Being obsessed is a state that can be either good or bad. You can keep your need healthy or you can teeter over the edge into troublesome territory. When it comes to BDSM, Mistress Emma definitely walks that lines. “Clear judgment is often the first thing I let go of when I grab a hold to BDSM—be it an upcoming event, new play partner, or trying something for the first time. It is my personal addiction and everything else comes second, including sleep, food, money, and even common sense. Luckily, good friends have kept me reasonably on track.”

One might think that having such strong feelings that Mistress would be involved in BDSM on a professional level, but instead she keeps it for other times. “Currently, my career has nothing to do with sex or fetishism. I've experimented with pro-domination, webcam shows, phone sex, and teaching erotic fitness classes. I've always kept the 'fun' jobs as ways of making a bit of mad money for the new sex toys or outfits I want. This industry will always tempt me away from the normal, mundane jobs that most settle into. “

Recently she traveled to St. John’s and conducted rope bondage workshops. Educating others about various aspects of BDSM, fetish and kink is something she is devoted to and provides her much satisfaction. But instead of taking her lead from some awesome figure, Mistress Emma finds her inspiration in those that need help. “The repressed average female likely gets that title. To show someone this side of me—sensuality, passion, energy—and see the response move from shocked, to interested, and eventually thriving through their sexuality rather than simply coping with it. Change is inspiring.”

While much is detailed on her blog, Mistress Emma is keeping her intriguing plans for the future a secret right now, playing her kink cards close to the vest. “I'm working on a surprise. A surprise that has been developing through my entire life traveling through the world/land/ocean/jungle/dungeon of BDSM. When I am ready to release to the world it will be a beacon that all can look to as they speed along on their epic BDSM journey. “