An Insightful Talk with TS Shyla Wild

 An Insightful Conversation with TS Shyla Wild
by Peter Berton

Shyla Wild is a smart, sexy and very versatile tgirl escort. You can find her and her many services at “Over my first year as an escort/call girl, I have established myself as an honest, fun and professional provider,” Shyla says online. “I am highly intelligent and educated; this together with my creativity and willingness to please have made me an escort of choice.”

According to the many positive reviews online, this claim is true. But there’s much more to Shyla than just sex-for-hire. In fact, this Canadian tgirl has a lot of substance to her – beyond her generous masculine endowment – and a story worth listening to,

SLC: Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Shyla: My professional name is Shyla Wild. I am a 27 year-old transsexual escort based out of Montreal,Quebec.

I was born and raised in Montreal, a city full of culture and great nightlife. My father is Portuguese from the island of San Miguel, and my mother is Brazilian from San Paulo.

I was well raised in a Catholic household with strong family values, and stronger moral values. I graduated from McGill with a Bachelor in Communication and afterwards a Master Degree in Business Administration. This led to some excellent job offers after University; one in which I took with a major telecommunication company in Canada.

Unfortunately at this point my life went into complete spiral that truly did not end until I began escorting.

SLC: When did you discover that you were trans, and how did you handle your transition?

Shyka: As a transsexual, you always know that your gender is female. It is only when you have the courage to do something about it that an inner peace is found.

I transitioned a little later then most, choosing my education and setting up a good base before transitioning. I figured it would be much easier to go to school as a boy and transition afterwards, than to attempt to transition while trying to complete university and a Masters degree.

SLC: So why did you go into the escort business?

Shyla: Well, like I said, before after university my life went into a complete train wreck.

Right after university, I met someone that I felt was the girl of my dreams. Being bisexual, finding a woman or a man truly makes no difference to me as I believe that being happy with someone that completes you is much more important than their gender.

I decided to put my transition away, and focus on this person that seemed to complete me.

Unfortunately this was also one of the greatest mistakes of my life. The person I fell in love with found on about my girl side.

I believe fear took over at this point; fear for her future. She quickly turned the tables on me, explaining that if I did not marry her and sign her immigration papers, that she would have no problem revealing to my parents and my co-workers about my other side.

Regretfully I followed through with her demands.

Afterwards, I decided that never again would I live my life for anyone other then me.

I came out to my employers, who seemed very empathic until on November 2010 they decided to restructure the department, and one month before Christmas I was the only employee to lose my job.

Even with an MBA no one would hire a transsexual at the beginning of her transition.

When January rolled around, the Christmas rush was over, spending was down and no one was hiring.

By January 10th 2011, I was eating every second day, the bills were mounting and I was in serious trouble.

By the 14th, my heart was breaking because I was going to have to give away my dog. He was eating more often then me and I could not support him anymore.

The next day, someone turned me onto Shemale Canada and I began to escort. Within two weeks, all the bills were up to date and my transition was back on track.

SLC: What insights into human nature have you gained by being a tgirl escort?

Shyla: If we look truly at human nature and eliminate all cultural influences, then we are left with the truly animalistic side. When it comes to sex, the language is universal.

Two people speaking two different languages can have some of the most passionate sex. Why is this? Why is sex always the most passionate during the first six months of a relationship?

Once you know someone, you become aware of what hurts them emotionally. You begin to put restraints on the relationship and the passion becomes lost.

That feeling of beginning emotionally open and free is what people want; the passion, and the adventure of the unknown.

I believe this is one of the reasons men seek escorts.

SLC: Do your clients share any common traits or preferences?

Shyla: Due to my reputation and due to my endowment, 95% of my clients are bottoms; they prefer to be penetrated. I can understand that also.

If you think about it, there are many reasons why men are attracted to transsexuals. But the main reason is the fact that we are woman but with a penis, a modern day Unicorn.

One of the most popular questions that clients ask me is “am I gay?” or “Does doing this make me gay?” I tell them that the answer to that question is within them.

“How do you see me?” is often my answer to that question. I explain that if they see me as a boy, they are gay. If they see me as a girl then most likely not gay.

I explain that some men prefer blonds, others brunettes. Some guys like big girls or tall girls; and some men like girls with a penis.

SLC: What have you learned about yourself?

Shlya: I have learnt that my education did not go to waste, as now I use everything I learnt in school in my own business.

I also learned how to hit the bottom, and rise back up.

I learnt how to cherish the good times, and wait out the storm of the bad. Life is like that: Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. When you’re up, things never seem that good; and when you’re down you think you will never be up again.

SLC: If there is one thing you wished that people understood about you, what would it be?

Shyla: Myself? No, I really don’t care what people think about me. But I wished people truly understood what a transsexual is; the way we think, why we are the way we are. Many problems in the transsexual community are due to society and their very tasteless views of us. Because of these views and their opinions, many transsexuals are thrown out of their homes between the ages of 15-19.

During a period in which guidance and boundaries are needed none are present. Ultimately, this leads to problems such as lack of socialization, drug abuse, and a lack of education.

Acceptance is the root of many problems within the transsexual community, and once that do we have acceptance can transsexuals truly hope for understanding as a group and community.

SLC: What are your plans/goals for the future?

Shyla: I have set up real estate investments around the world. Once my transition is finished, I plan to move to Australia and start over. Somewhere where no one knows me.