How to Be Kinkier

I’m pretty vanilla. Beyond the occasional spanking, power exchange, and my yet-to-be-fulfilled strap-on fantasies, I can’t say I have much interest in dipping my toes into the local kink community.

That is, I didn’t have much interest, but the photos and anecdotes in Morpheous’ How to Be Kinkier have piqued it.

The follow-up to the hit guide How to Be Kinky (with an intro from Nina Hartley! Excuse me while I fangirl) delves further into BDSM lifestyles with comprehensive techniques for everything from safely using nipple clamps and wrist shackles to fisting and vacuum beds. Curious about figging? Its in there. Water balloon anal beads? Yup.

Just wanna learn to put a condom on with your mouth? That’s in there too! And while some of the topics are a bit intimidating to someone as ‘nilla as me, the approach is educational without being preachy and the accompanying photographs are stunning.

What I appreciated the most aside from the photography (seriously, it’s beautiful) was the stress on safety, consent, growth, and healthy relationships. Tips and tricks are peppered throughout on keeping thing safe while you’re getting your kink on.