HIV Nondisclosure Shouldn't Mean Jail Time: doctor

Canadians who fail to disclose their HIV-positive status to sexual partners shouldn’t face jail time, according to Dr. Julio Montaner, director of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. Montaner says that new drug cocktails have reduced the viral load for people with the virus to undetectable and reported in the current issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal that a randomized trial saw a 96 percent decrease in transmission risk.

Recent nondisclosure cases leading to transition of the illness might make Montaner’s proposal hard to swallow, however. In 2009, Johnson Aziga was the first Canadian convicted of murder for transmitting HIV to two women, both of whom later contracted AIDS and died. He was also convicted of 10 counts of sexual assault. The Supreme Court will hear two nondisclosure cases, one from Manitoba and one from Quebec, in February.

Sources: Montreal Gazette, CTV