Hell yeah, Bi Men Exist!

You know, it is really nice to finally know that I exist. I was starting to wonder if I am just a figment of my own imagination. But nope, science says so. I’m a bisexual man and I do, in fact, exist!

In what many consider to be a very “well, obviously” moment in scientific achievement, researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago concluded that there are men who are attracted to both other men and women. While it seems somewhat laughable that this needed to be studied in 2011, it must be remembered that in 2005, research from this same school concluded that there was no true evidence of the existence of the bisexual male. Instead, the suggestion is bi men are just closeted gay men.

I’m not really keen to put myself into any little box. And I’m not particularly sold on how the Northwestern research teams collect their data (they strap something to your dick and see which types of images and porn you get turned on by). But bi is how I have identified for many years. So much so that I was the feature articles editor for bisexual.com, I’ve helped organize events in Toronto’s bisexual community and been very active in that community. I’ve written countless erotic stories of bi porn. I’ve sucked cock and licked cunt. I’ve had deep feelings for both men and women. To me, all of that leads to me thinking that I am, in fact, this mythical orientation of bi.

Fighting against the ‘fencesitter’ and ‘just waiting to come out’ mentality is something I’ve done and never understood why I have to do it. You don’t need to se how hard I get, just ask me if I’m into dudes. Fortunately, other bi folk in Toronto will soon welcome a new campaign to make that struggle a little less daunting.

On Friday September 9 in Toronto, the Re:searching for LGBT Health team, together with Rainbow Health Ontario debut This is Our Community: Bisexual Anti-Stigma Poster Campaign, a unique series of 4 posters addressing biphobia in the LGBT communit(ies) and the health sector. Each poster will represent a marginalized group of bi folk (youth, parents, trans people and people of colour) and will be distributed widely.

That same night, they will also be launching new survey called Risk & Resilience, the largest survey of bisexual mental health ever attempted. Funny, eh? Their going to question bi folk about what makes them tick by asking them questions! No scientific cock rings here, these people want to know about me—a bi person—and what I think! Absolutely revolutionary!

As we draw closer to Celebrate Bisexuality Day, noted annually on September 23, it is good to see there is some forward thinking about the bi community. Biphobia is as real as bisexual people are and it takes a toll on us. This new campaign can help put an end to that.

This is Our Community and Risk & Resilience launch Friday September 9, 6–8pm, at the 519 Community Centre (519 Church Street, Toronto).