This Girl is Wild: Shannon T. Boodram

“With my book LAID, I always say that sex is the one thing you should never have to do,” reveals Toronto’s Shannon T. Boodram. “It is the one thing (unless it is your profession) that should be controlled by desire, not obligation. So for this reason I don't see a good reason for it to impinge on your happiness or priorities, if anything it should add to these things, making you feel better, and thus, more inspired and inclined to do your work well.”

Shannon is a multi-talented writer, photographer and host with many different projects on the go. LAID, released last fall, is a collection of firsthand narratives from people ages 18–25 from across North America sharing a sexual experience from their teens/early 20’s that they believe their younger peers could learn from. She is currently writing improving relations between multi-generational women (specifically mothers and daughters) as well as a fiction novel.

Another of her projects is the fantastic blog Those Girls Are Wild where she and her partner Andrea Lewis are reclaiming wild without the wet t-shirt contests and g-strings. They recently finished their first feature on the site, a fascinating look at vitiligo.

Given how busy she is with her work, its not surprising Shannon reports she’s not got much of a sex life right now. But that doesn’t stop her from being inspired by it. “Sex is interesting, captivating and most importantly it is the great equalizer because 9.99/10 people were made this way. I love writing about it, hearing stories on it and talking about it with friends. Maybe I work so hard right now in hopes of one day finding some amazing person to have sex with. I'm not quite sure but I'm sure sex does a lot of inspiring somewhere inside of me.”

With LAID and her other projects, Shannon enjoys writing about sex for education and entertainment, as well as visiting schools and community centres for open and engaging conversations and discussions. But she doesn’t see herself moving beyond this when it comes to working with sex. “I'm not even sure what that would include other than going back to school (something I do not want to do in the foreseeable future), or doing "hands-on" work (which doesn't quite fit in with my personal career goals.” Instead she is focusing her energies on becoming a renowned 360 journalist.

For herself, the heart is where it is at. “I am not someone who sees my sexuality as a separate entity thus residing outside of my body and in my pants; I don't believe in over-thinking sex either so it a) becomes a manipulation tactic b) doesn't feel like the freeing, stress-free experience it is supposed to be—so it wouldn't be in my mind. For me, sex is an emotional response so my sexual persona lives at the heart of my honest feelings.”