Getting BENT: Toronto Sex Party Returns

“Most kink parties in Toronto are focused on dressing up in your best kinky duds and shaking a leg on the dance floor to loud music at the bar,” details Dana Shaw, long-time organizer of BENT. “BENT's difference is that it's all about the play. Music is on in the background but not so loud you can't talk over it. There's nothing scheduled to interfere with play - no announcements, door prizes, performers, demonstrations, etc. are scheduled for entertainment.”

BENT was put on hold at the end of this past summer when Shaw closed her space, Renegade. Since then, people have wondered where it went and if it would be back. It has now returned as a twice monthly event at Subspace Dungeon Studios. Along with the new space, other details of the party have changed, including two new chief DMs. Holding two events per month is meant to offset the smaller space. While people are excited it has returned, BENT is still recovering from the layoff.

“Because of the size and capacity limitations,” offers Dana, “I'm hoping to take BENT to a new level by encouraging people to take advantage of having a space at which we want to *facilitate* people's ideas and fantasies about kinky play; that's not exactly offered elsewhere.” The fact that sex is also allowed onsite makes BENT one of the few parties where that is possible. 

Dana is encouraged by the first two editions of BENT that have been offered so far, but still has her sights on offering events in larger spaces or outside of the BENT brand.

BENT runs the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month at Subspace Dungeon Studios. The next one on December 3 will be an ‘open house’ event that anyone can attend. For information, drop a line to