Georgiana Sweet: A Distinctly Classy, Erudite and Elegant Escort

 Ottawa’s Georgiana Sweet can be accurately described as a sex worker. But then again, a Ferrari can be correctly described as a car.

In truth, this beautiful and cultured escort is a Ferrari in her own right. A look at her website – – makes this plain. In place of the usual raunchy come-ons found on the Web, Georgiana’s site is refined, tasteful and intelligent: “My goal is to provide a connection that satisfies your mind as well as your physical needs,” it reads. “This does not necessarily entail romantic feelings but rather a sense that you have been seen and accepted by another human being.”

Besides, what other adult website has links to the Economist and Atlantic Monthly magazines?

Impressed as we were by her prose – and the obvious beauty of her form – Sex Life Canada entered into conversation with the lovely Ms. Sweet:
SLC: Please tell us about yourself

Sweet: I’m in my late twenties and university educated. I’m very analytical and I love things that challenge my mind.

Because of my innate curiosity I have many interests, and I think this helps me develop a rapport with people quickly. I enjoy deep conversations with people and I value being able to take something away from a discussion. However, I consider myself very candid and personable. I don’t let my contemplative side get in the way of relating to people. I try to let it enhance my ability to empathise, if anything.

But I don’t want to give the impression that I’m extremely serious. I have a much more playful side than comes across in writing. I like to play with my dog in the grass, eat candy that I shouldn’t, and laugh at clever comedy. I also enjoy making fun of myself as much as I like teasing others.

SLC: How and why did you get into the business?

Sweet: When I decided to begin escort work, I did my research. I read about what to expect, where to advertise, how to make a website – everything I could find, really. And then it was really just a matter of acting on it.

As for why I decided to enter the field, well, I was thinking of getting a freelance job apart from my daytime work, and this is the business that appealed to me. I’ve always had a very sensual nature and I have always been very comfortable expressing it.

I find that in this industry I can combine my passion for connecting with others on an intellectual level with my sensual side. I think it is very rewarding. Of course, it’s not all lingerie-clad conversations about economics and culture, but there is a lot of that.

SLC: Your website projects an image of sophistication, elegance and intelligence, and is certainly a departure from the common 'get your rocks off' message found elsewhere. What's the thinking behind this approach?

Sweet: When I was designing my website, it was definitely a question of what type of image I wanted to project. I didn’t want to seem aloof, because I think I’m actually quite warm and cheerful, but I did want clients to be prepared for the contemplative nature of my personality.

I wanted my website to attract men and women who have an intellectual curiosity of their own, and who find that it adds to their enjoyment of other pleasures. I really believe that they are the ones who will appreciate my company the most.

I think my tastes and curiosity can be something very positive that I offer, but for a man who is really just looking to unwind, have a drink, and have fun, well ... he might not want to have a conversation about how Internet chatrooms compare to 18th century coffeehouses! So I didn’t try to put up a party girl front. I didn’t think I could pull that off.

SLC: Would you see yourself as an escort, or more of a classic courtesan?

Sweet: There are different definitions of a courtesan, so that’s a little tough to say. Of course I love studying the great courtesans of history, and who wouldn’t want to identify with them?

I want to say that I offer a level of connection, empathy and intellectual stimulation that is more appropriate to a courtesan, as well. But my penchant for precision with language competes with those other desires. Technically, none of us are part of a Royal Court, so there are no courtesans anymore. But I suppose that’s a bit pedantic.

In truth I’m not that concerned with the terminology. It has meant different things to different people for centuries.

I am comfortable, at times, with calling myself a whore (to be honest, I’m a bit taken with the term), so I don’t have a strong opinion on how I define myself in the courtesan/escort line. I will usually call myself a personal or professional companion to avoid the issue.

SLC: You project an image of a complete person; not just an escort. Which begs the question: Who will a client be meeting, when they meet you? What can they expect -- and not expect?

Sweet: Ah, well, I think that meeting a complete person is part of what makes the experience so enjoyable for my clients. It can mean more to be desired and accepted by someone who you feel is genuine and whole. So when it comes to what clients can expect, I would say they can expect to be really seen. As I am not just an escort, he or she is not just a client.

But what cannot be expected is that we will fall in love. While the connection is very real, and very meaningful to me, it is a different sort of connection than love. It is about mutual respect, desire, and empathy, but with no strings attached. Fortunately, most clients seeking an escort are looking for exactly that kind of relationship, and they respect the boundaries that need to be there.

SLC: You are not a fan of selling services like a fast food restaurant; "I'll have a GFE with a PSE on the side." So how do you and a client decide what will happen when you are together? Or do you just see where things go?

Sweet: Many clients want to make sure that they have the right kind of provider, so I try to be clear about that in my advertising to avoid a lot of awkward acronym usage.

Some clients have very specific things that they want, and I think that’s where they feel the acronyms help them out. I’m not a fan of this approach, personally, because it can feel as though the encounter is choreographed. Instead of moving naturally from one enjoyable sensation to another, you are trying to remember what they ordered so that you can fulfill your end of the contract.

I think this is not really what most men and women are aiming for. There may be some things that really turn them on, and they would like to mention that, but it seems that going with the flow is pretty popular. When a client does have something in particular that they would like to do I prefer to have it stated plainly (or poetically, if that is their style). It doesn’t make me blush to hear a client describe turn-ons and desires.

SLC: What do you like most -- and the least -- about the job?

Sweet: My favourite thing is a little tough to describe. There is a particular kind of openness in an escort/client relationship. You need to build a rapport very quickly so there is a necessity to be more sensitive and open-minded, and you have to have an extra willingness to think outside your comfort zone.

The client knows that you are your own person and have your boundaries. But you are also there for him, with no strings attached. Men, in particular, can speak more openly sometimes, because they don’t fear your judgement. And so you’re able to learn a lot from these moments, and it’s a great opportunity for personal growth. This isn’t completely unique to escort work, but it is a part of the job and I really enjoy it.

The thing I like the least would be last minute cancellations. I know you may have been expecting something more sordid – abusive clients, heart-wrenching moments – but I haven’t had any experiences like that. Clients are people, too, and some you click with better than others, but bad clients have not been an issue for me so far. But I hate booking an appointment and having it fall through.

SLC: What has the job taught you about the quirks of human nature?
Sweet: I have had extremely positive experiences, personally, so I may not be the best person to speak about the quirks of human nature. I’ve actually found humanity to be kinder and more respectful than I previously believed.

One thing I’ve noticed is that men often don’t want what they are “supposed” to want. The clients that engage me do so because they want a full person, not just a sex toy.

The idea of a macho man does a disservice to the real men of the world, in my opinion. A man can be very strong while still wanting a genuine connection with the woman he lies with.

There’s nothing particularly heroic about objectifying people, and a lot of men really aren’t interested in viewing women as mindless objects. There’s obviously a certain level of self-selection when it comes to the clients who seek me out, though, so I can’t necessarily speak to the population at large. But from what I’ve heard from other escorts, they seem to have a similar impression.

SLC: What do you know about yourself now, that you didn't know before?

Sweet: I have learned that I used to be quite cynical, ha ha. I’ve also learned how much I enjoy having a supportive community. I have always thought of myself as extremely self-sufficient, especially emotionally, so I was surprised by how grateful I was to have a community of other escorts and courtesans – as well as very eloquent and well-mannered hobbyists -- to interact with on CERB (Canadian Escort Review Board; Given that there is such stigma attached to the industry it can mean a lot to have so many people who really see you as a human being.

SLC: Finally, how can a client make the best of all first impressions on you?

Sweet: I’m most impressed and intrigued by men who are respectful, of course, and who take the time to present themselves well.

First contact is generally by email, so being well-spoken but concise always makes a great impression. Not all men are wordsmiths, and I don’t expect them to be, but I appreciate it when an email displays clarity and a bit of character.

When it comes to meeting in person, one really can stress cleanliness enough. Other than that, a smile goes a long way.