Genesis of Play: Loverboy

“Sex is one of the ways I express my creativity,” explains Loverboy, creator of Toronto’s hottest new BDSM play party Genesis. “When I'm expressing my sexuality, I feel liberated as I am experiencing some of the most carnal instinctive urges I've ever known.”

Since its launch, Genesis has spanked the scene into a frenzy, with the next edition coming July 8. Continuing the theme-party trend, this month’s Genesis is a tribute to gaming characters called Gameplay. Attendees are encouraged to portray someone from computer games, board games, video games from any era.

Held in the One Flight Up Lounge of Club M4 in Toronto’s west end, the club boasts a tremendous range of play equipment including suspension points, massage tables, spanking benches, horses, cages and a St. Andrew’s cross. Sex is allowed on premises.

All of these, combined with the gorgeous décor of the club, lend to a key part of sexual experience. “Active imagination is one of the most important parts of having a healthy mind, and sexual imagination is among the most potent themes of that type of imagination,” believes Loverboy. “I've definitely (and I don't think I'm alone in this) stumbled out of an imaginative sexual reverie only to realize that a half hour of a business meeting has gone by.”

Creating Genesis wasn’t something that Loverboy intended, it just came. “I saw an opportunity to create. It happened to involve the sexual facet of my life. It was a matter of organization though, like any other business or industry or endeavour. I took it both for the challenge and the excitement!” While nothing else is currently planned, he wouldn’t rule out other sexually-based projects in the future.

While he may have happened into this opportunity with Genesis, Loverboy has been fortunate enough to know some good people to learn from. “Lady Viktoria ran the safest and most professional party. I learned quite a bit from her. Subspace_Craiger likely runs the most popular parties in town. They were and have been very valuable friends and advisors on a professional level.”

Personally, sexual inspiration “strikes a different chord” for him. “My closest friends in the scene also became my closest friends out of the scene as well. They are HelplessbyDesign and SisterofSin on Fetlife. Without them I would've cracked by now I'm sure.” While he doesn’t have any male role models, he has been inspired by individuals who “have aroused the most sexually charged emotions and ideas in me.” One of those is Madonna. “I've never been in love with her, but she seems to embody sexuality like no one I've ever heard of.”

And just where is sexuality most embodied in Loverboy? “I believe it's all brain. The heart and pants-laden organs are all nothing without the brain. It's all connected, but sexual psychology is clearly the core of my sexuality. The nervous system is really what we should be talking about. Our nerves are what feel the sexuality, our neural pathways in our brains firing, in what we experience as pleasure. But the nerve endings and networks rely on the brain, heart and everything in our pants to function optimally. So it's fallacy to claim one over the other.”