Gay student bullied; commits suicide

 Canadian schools are being urged to teach acceptance of LGBTQ+ students after 15-year-old Jamie Hubley commited suicide last week after being bullied because he was the only openly gay student at his school.

Hubley’s story made it to parliament when Quebec NDP MP Dany Morin questioned the Conservatives about how they would address harassment and bullying against gay students at a question period in the House of Commons recently. No promises were made on behalf of the government, however.

“We have anti-bullying programs across this country, but very few of them point out that most bullying occurs around perceptions of people, or name-calling related to, someone being gay or lesbian,” James McNinch, dean of education at the University of Regina, told CBC Radio. Professor at the University of Ottawa, Joel Westheimer, agreed adding that promises are often made on a whim after a tragedy.