Future Auto-Fellating King of Burlesque: Peter Paranoia

“Sex is hardwired deep into every one of the crevasses of my filthy little monkey brain,” reveals Halifax boylesque sensation Peter Paranoia, aka Peter Nolan-Smith. “It's a driving force for me creatively. Simply, as a human being, the urge to get down with our bad selves is such a large part of who we are. As an adult performer it's everything! The attitude that I take on stage is the same one that I walk into the bedroom with.”

Attitude is key to both Peters, the performer and the demolition worker. As a member of Velvet Rope Boylesque Peter Paranoia has been tearing up the scene and hopes to continue to advance in the performance world. While his long-term goals (“world domination, auto-fellatio and winning King of Burlesque, in that order”) are admirable, his more immediate goals are certainly achievable. “I'd like to get the Peter Paranoia brand known outside of the maritime burlesque scene. There aren't many boys dancing out here, but all the ones that do are so unique and sexy in their own way and they all bring something totally different and hot to the table that I've constantly got to be bringing my ‘A’ game just to keep up. Expanding into the broader national and international burly-q community would be amazing. I'm hoping my first big milestone will be the Toronto Festival next year.”

Inspired by the fabulous work of Toronto’s Boylesque and Halifax’s Cadence MacMichael and Rouge Fatale, Peter sees his connection to the audience. “When someone comes to a burlesque show it's about more than just being entertained. It's about watching something erotic and sexy and funny and taboo all wrapped into one. It's a dirty little pleasure our audience indulges themselves with and when I'm on stage I try to feed off that as much as I can.”

Beyond performing his sexy numbers to adoring fans and working with big phallic power tools, Peter hopes to break into the world of sex writing. “The literature and discussion being printed about sex, especially with the advent of the Internet, is so progressive and illuminating that it would be an amazing way to make a living. The written word elevates human experiences to greater heights than simply an act itself. I feel that sex can be about more than just the simple pleasure of two or more people. Through writing and sharing we can explore our deeper emotions, purest feelings and darkest thoughts and desires. Words can describe awe-inspiring love making or the raunchiest, most wonderfully, wicked fucking.”

When asked where his sexual persona lives, Peter Nolan-Smith reveals much about the character Peter Paranoia—and himself. “Peter Paranoia is a heartless sun of a bitch so it couldn't be the heart. He also has the merit of being a thoughtless little bastard so he can't live in the brain. Which I guess just leaves the pants, or more accurately what is underneath them. He's the wildest, freest part of me and in every way allows me to strip away everyday insecurities and dance around in my underwear.”