Friends and Fetish at Toronto TNG Munch

“I have heard talk of pretty much everything,” reveals Mike of the Toronto TNG Munch. “From in-depth discussions about kink and deviant sexual practices, to organizing a cookie swap, or even a yarn swap for those who like to knit.”

Much can be said about the extravagant parties and events thrown by the sex and kink crowds. From fetish nights and play parties to costume balls and elaborate scenes, if you’re into sex you’re going to find ways to maximize your good time. For some, however, jumping right into the scene can be intimidating. Maybe you need a different way to get your feet wet.

Munches are low-key, more intimate social gatherings of like-minded sexual folks. They occur all over and groups dedicated to many different lifestyles and fetishes hold them (check the Sexlife Canada listings in your area for various munches in your area). They usually occur in regular restaurants, bars and coffee shops once a month and serve as a place to have conversations and meet other kinksters in a more subdued environmnent.

The Toronto TNG group is a pansexual social networking group for people under 35 years of age. They get together at Kramer’s, a bar nestled in Toronto’s pleasant Davisville neighbourhood. The group offers those attending nametags so that newcomers can more readily identify those to chat with, but from there, it is a casual, no pressure environment.There are some rules for munches, usually the same as those for the Toronto TNG, including:

  • Use common sense. If in doubt, don't do it -- it's probably not appropriate.
  • No public display of toys.
  • No play. This is not a fetish event, have your clothing and behaviour reflect this.
  • Respect the venue, event, and people attending.
  • Keep in mind that not everyone attending is outed. Please be discreet in outside conversation.

This specific group was started to give people under 35 the opportunity to explore their BDSM interests in a space away from the older, more experienced community. If you’re just getting into some light restraint play, you might get a little intimidated by those discussing their 20 year obsession with full-body bondage.

Getting the word out about the munch has taken on many different forms, much of it still being about ‘community.’ “At the beginning it was IRC, Yahoo groups, and our website. We've been a constant help at the Everything To Do with Sex Show community dungeon for the past 6 or 7 years, and usually get a pretty good influx after every show. Now there is Fetlife, which has been a great tool for promoting and helping people find what they're looking for.”

With the digital world being a great help in getting the word out about munches, does Mike have any fear that internet connections will take over the place of munches? “Not at all. People still want to meet and talk face to face with other people. There is a quality of interaction you get at a munch that is lacking in any virtual forum. Besides, hugs feel so much better in person.”

Toronto TNG meets on the 2nd Monday of each month (next meeting is Monday April 11) at Kramer's (1915 Yonge Street) at 7pm.