Fetish on Film: Vid Vicious

“I love everything there is about the creative process,” reveals Montreal photographer and director Vid Vicious. “My number one motivator is people’s reactions to my personal art work.”

Whether it is his professional or personal work, Vid Vicious is a well-known and respected figure in the adult and fetish community. His best known work was on the series Webdreams 2.0 and he is the winner of the 2007 Best Adult Awards Online Male Personality of the Year. He has also worked with prominent porn production companies and has opened his own studio up to the public.

Despite the tremendous success he has had, Vid didn’t start out with a clear focus on being a top adult photographer and director. “I remember being 15 and using my father’s VHS Zenith camcorder, a VHS machine, some masking tape and a cheap plastic tripod to make a photo video album for my parents anniversary present. Complete with slow camera movements. Very shortly afterwards friends of family started hiring me to do the same for them, and shoot weddings, sweet sixteens and the likes. Back then my dad had a state of the art camcorder. I did all my editing by hard cutting via a consumer VHS machine and the camera itself.”

His involvement in Webdreams 2.0 was the result of so many good meetings: it originated in a bar. “I got involved with Webdreams early on, during their pre-production phase of the pilot episode. One of their staff members attended a webmaster gathering at a local drinking hole in Downtown Montreal. I was late, as per usual, but by the time I got there it was pretty clear to the Staffer that I was the person to talk too about the Montreal online porn scene.”

Part of what makes Vid so successful and endearing is his strong relationships with his models. He speaks of them with respect and has high praise and thanks for two in particular. “I've always loved working with Lanny Barbie, Penthouse Pet of the Year and Vivid contract girl. A Montreal native too. She was always so Professional, this girl got the job done. I remember weeks of approxiamately 20 hours a day for 4 days straight, 2-4 different sets, all done with a smile and a ‘go get'em’ attitude. The last thing I shot with Lanny, before she left to fulfill her contract with Vivid was about 10-15 photo and video sets for Twistys.com. There is also another model that I have lots of respect for...one my oldest friends in the business: Tangerine Dream. I can sum it all up in one sentence when referring to my Erotic Fetish work....Tangerine has been my muse for years. She has been there with me as a friend in good times and bad, she's been my business partner and most importantly the motivation behind my fetish art.

And it is that fetish work that Vid wants to focus on and have people see. “Not many have seen my Fetish work (hopefully I'll be changing that in the very near future) but for those that have it can evoke the most personal and darkest emotions one has. I get everything from I love it to OMG that's disgusting (referring to my CBT collection). I wanted to change the fact that my fetish work is pretty much unknown when compared to my Adult work. So in the next year I'm concentrating my free time to shooting many more erotic fetish art, and to getting my work published and shown in galleries around the world.”