Fantasies of the Writer: Jennifer Labelle

“I write what I like to read, and thought it would be a ton of fun to create an erotic read/experience for someone else,” muses Ottawa-based erotic romance writer Jennifer Labelle. “I say experience because most often when one reads it’s an escape from everyday life, and into the fantasy the writer has created for a brief moment.”

Taking those brief moments is something Jennifer has to do herself to work on her books. She is a full-time mother to three beautiful children, having decided to leave her career in addictions work to “take a less stressful approach to life.” And it is in those brief moments that Jennifer falls into her stories and becomes completely engrossed in creating them. “There’s never a dull moment while researching.”

Jennifer takes a broad approach to her writing, exploring different themes and styles. “I like to write erotic contemporary romances, erotica, BDSM, and ménage stories. I also like to experiment with my writing style, from vanilla to fantasy, taking the reader through various levels of kinkiness throughout so that there is something for everybody. I write about the things that might turn me on, things I’ve experienced, or could picture myself doing at some point, and so far it’s worked out pretty well.”

Worked out pretty well indeed! Jennifer has already published 4 titles in e-book format. One of those, Meant to Be, has also recently been released in print. Getting her works published has been a fantastic experience. Jennifer recalls the first time she found out one of her stories was going to be published: “My heart raced, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face, and I screeched with excitement before calling all my friends and loved ones to share the news. I was thrilled, and I still get the same feeling every time I receive a new contract. It’s been a great experience so far, and I really love what I do.”

Inspired by the tremendous community of writers she’s connected with, including Lauren Dane, Kathy Love, Deanna Raybourn, Lietha Wards, Sandy Sullivan, and Keri Arthur and many others, Jennifer also receives tremendous support from the fans she’s gained. Her husband also provides wonderful encouragement of her creativity at home. To aspiring erotica writers, Jennifer offers this advice: “To just go for it, be patient, and follow your dreams. Don’t stress over the rejections you may receive along the way, we all get them at some point. Get active in your local writing community, network and promote yourself as much as you can, make sure you follow submission guidelines (they’re there for a reason), read as much as you can, do your research, and enjoy doing what you love.”