Explore the Very Wide World of Fetish with Mistress T

“I have a filthy imagination but I would not be where I am without interaction with my fans,” reveals fetish website superstar Mistress T. “I spend a lot of time learning about their fetishes. I take requests but I go deeper than that. I put my own twist on it based on understanding, rather than just following someone else's script.”

A fairly common interview question is to ask your subject for a word that describes herself. When Mistress T offered ‘bold,’ I could only nod my head and smile. That was the first word that came to my mind when I discovered her brilliant and daring fetish site.

Travelling through the worlds of porn and fetish material, you will come across many different subjects and find that people can be into and sexualize just about anything. Mistress T takes on many of these fetishes, such as toilet humiliation, spitting, ballbusting, giantism, simulated family play and much more. Some would consider her work extreme, but she doesn’t think so. “I'm not sure I would say the fetishes I cater to are the most extreme...they are for certain 'niche' and some are difficult to find on the Internet. I wouldn't say that it's a lucrative porn market for anyone. I seemed to have gotten a bit lucky with finding a large variety of themes that I enjoy and delivering a level of quality rarely matched.”

That quality is what sets her website apart. The quality of all of her videos is top-notch and viewers can feel her speaking directly to you. Her presence, in whatever fetish she is presenting, is strong, knowing and always sexy. Also, rare is the porn site that incorporates special effects (think blue angels and miniature people!) and this bit of fun peeks into her personality. “Sex isn't serious. There is a lot of humour in real life sex play and masturbation. Think about it! Why should porn be all serious too? I have a sense of humour. A lot of the stuff I do is funny, even to the person who is aroused by it. I'm a playful person in real life and that comes through in my performances. Watching porn and masturbating is a form of entertainment, escapism and therapy. Jerk off, have fun, don't take things too seriously!”

One of the types of videos I did think people might take seriously and take offense to is her series of racial humiliation videos. That was something I hadn’t come across before, but Mistress T explains the reaction to them. “I only received concern when I released the first race-play vid. Since then: nothing even close to criticism. If anyone watches one of these vids they will clearly see that I am not promoting hate. I am speaking directly to the non-white slave and degrading him using terms that may be offensive in a non-sexual context. It's not that different from small penis humiliation. You wouldn't think that a man with a small penis would want you to make fun of it, but there is a huge market for this...just as there is a lot of men who like to be called the names that no one would dare call them to their face. Being humiliated is a turn on for a lot of people. I'm not racist and I've never had anyone tell me that they thought I really was. My race-play vids are a gift for those into that fetish and they're greatly appreciated.”

Part of me wants to write that Mistress T is not for the fetish newbie…but maybe she should be. Sure, some of her subject matter is challenging, but many people have preconceived ideas about what fetish is before they enter the scene. Some might not consider blue jeans and kissing to have fetish appeal (she has great clips on these). Even someone like Mistress T didn’t know what all could be out there. “When I started I may have had a narrower idea of what fetish was. It's difficult to recall. Now I see it as a very broad term and people use it very casually. It's basically just a keen sexual interest in a certain thing, not necessarily an obsession. It's not just whips & chains.”

Moving forward, Mistress T has many plans for herself and her website. On the site, she is planning to introduce ‘slave girls’ and possibly take the cuckolding theme in a new direction. She’s also working to make her site more compatible with mobile devices. “I am craving variety and exploring opportunities. I would like to work with other production companies, attend more events globally, do more writing, have more in person public interaction, etc. I'm a very social person, an exhibitionist and a performer. I'm not sure what other opportunities there are for someone like me but I'm sure there is a lot more to come! For the website, technically I plan to make it more compatible with mobile devices and creatively I plan to add 'slave girls' and possibly take the cuckolding theme in a different direction. I also really need to find help/staff. Currently I'm doing nearly everything myself and it's not the best use of my energy.”