Erotic Photography: Summertime Shooting

Once the weather turns hot, people want to take off their clothes—it's human nature! Why not take advantage of this natural predilection to nudity and get some great outdoor shots?

Here are some things to think about when trying to get some sexy photos in the great outdoors:

  • With an increase in heat comes an increase in bugs. You may need insect repellent or a model who is able to disrobe, pose and re-robe really fast. From my personal experience: being naked in a cornfield makes for some awesome shots. It also makes for 5 kinds of itchiness and the loss of a pint of blood.
  • The light is best mid-morning and mid-afternoon. You will want to shoot when the light from the sun is at an angle, not directly overhead. Sunsets can make for amazing silhouettes.
  • Put the sun between you and your model. This will reduce the model's need to squint and your shot won't be overexposed due to lens flares harsher than even JJ Abrams can dream up.
  • Cloudy, overcast days are your friend. To your eye it may look dreary and grey, bit cameras love a 20% gray. You will get truer colour and fewer harsh shadows on an overcast day than you would on a sunny day.
  • Be respectful when trying to engage in guerilla nudity. Just because you think the local park has great visuals for a naked photoshoot doesn't mean everyone will agree. I'd bet the farm that the local soccer moms and by-law officers will not look the other way for the sake of your art. Not everyone is into the sexy shenanigans you have dreamed up. Do your homework as to where you can and cannot take photos without offending anyone or getting yourself arrested.
  • Don't assume that nude beaches are just the spot for your shoot. Even people comfortable enough in their own skin to be nekkid on a beach can get real skittish, real fast when a camera makes an appearance.

Now is the perfect time to take full advantage of all that natural light and warm weather. Be prepared and be respectful and you should have a memory card full of sexy summer memories in no time. Happy Summer Shooting!