Endlessly Fascinated By Sex: Olga Wolstenholme

“Down and dirty life experiences are what I find inspiring,” reveals Olga Wolstenholme, creator of the fascinating blog Cuntlove. “I think the biggest inspiration in my life comes from connecting, and communicating with others.” Cuntlove, started after a reading of The Vagina Monologues and a conversation about their respective vaginas with her co-worker is “dedicated to sex-positivity and education, as well as basic human rights.” After that fateful conversation, Olga discovered Cunt: A Declaration of Independence by Inga Muscio, which she heartily recommends.

Maintaining a blog is not just doing a bit of writing online. Some people take it very seriously and Cuntlove surely demonstrates Olga’s dedication. “Cuntlove, is where a lot of my energy is diverted to at the moment. I love it, but it takes up a lot of my time. It’s like having a full time job only it doesn’t pay the bills, so it’s really like having a second job or in my case a third.” But it isn’t all labour-without-reward. She decided a year ago to get serious about writing, “You can’t just wait for the day to happen when you’re a “good” writer you’ve got to dive in if you ever want to get to that place.”

This type of confessional writing, be it fiction or non-fiction can be difficult for any writer, Olga included. “A part of me is always a little worried about going too far, revealing too much, or of being perceived in the wrong kind of light. Even when you write fiction, people will assume that part of what you are writing about is taken from your own life. The more personal or fucked up the subject the more people will assume you’re writing from experience. It’s especially difficult when it comes to sharing that part of my life with friends and family. Mostly family. I don’t necessarily want my mom to read a story I wrote about masturbating in church, and it’s difficult to get the kind of support I would like or need from family members in that context.”

Beyond the blog, Olga has some other writing projects in the works, including a chapbook about prostitutes and crack dealers, a play about a stripper and her incestuous relationship with her uncle, and creative non-fiction projects about awkward sex, outlaws, crazy relatives and ghost towns. She has an eye toward moving into sex education, particularly in schools. “I’d like to interview parents about the ways in which they handle educating their kids regarding sex and the body. I’d like to know what their sex education was like and the type of sex education they provide their kids with.”

In the meantime, she’ll continue on with Cuntlove and continue to be inspired by sex. “It intrigues me, moves me, and drives me. It makes me think. I’m a little bit of a mind voyeur. I like to hear about the things that move other people. I think part of me gets off on hearing other people’s deep dark secrets. The stuff that really gets them going. Sex is like a distilled version of the human condition, of human behavior, and I find it endlessly fascinating.”