A Domme Goes to College

by Peter Berton

Mistress Katia (mybitchacademy.com) – the Domme formerly known as Mz. Scream – is renowned for her professional skills and disciplinary charms. But what is not widely known about the Mistress is her academic prowess. In a move sure to shake up the BDSM subculture, Mistress Katia has enrolled to as a full-time university student!

SexLifeCanada (SLC) meekly requested an audience with the Mistress, to learn of her plans. She magnanimously agreed to grant an audience:

SLC: Why did you decide to hang up your riding crop?

Mistress Katia: I recently completed a one year certificate program online at York University. I received such high grades, and enjoyed school so much, that I have applied to take regular programming at York.

My application is in, and now I'm waiting to be accepted, and also waiting to see if there's room in the courses I want to take.

SLC: What motivated you to take this career move?

Mistress Katia: Well, I have done lots of physical labour work, and I have also done a lot of work with my heart working at charities and in advocacy. Now it's time to work with my mind.

SLC: What do you hope to achieve?

Mistress Katia: I want to take courses I am truly interested in, specifically the “Sexuality Studies Program”. From here I can see myself branching off in a variety of directions; becoming a sex education teacher, perhaps a sex therapist.

I'm interested in working with sex offenders, and those with rare “kinks”. I would love to have a radio or television sexualities-related talk show, and would like to finish off the educational videos I have started already.

SLC: Is moving into the academic area of sexuality somehow a 'logical next step' for you?

Mistress Katia: Well, in some ways yes, but in many ways no.

It's logical in that I will need that precious piece of paper from a university, for anyone to take me seriously when looking for work in the 'non-adult entertainment'-based “Sexualities” field. However, going into an enormous debt to meet other people's expectations will never seem logical to me.

My life experience from working in adult film, web cam, phone sex and Domination has taught me a lot on the subject of “Sex”. Too bad I don't get any recognition for it, though.

I know so many things in a practical sense. But it will be great to learn the academic vocabulary and information around everything. I'm looking forward to see the intellectual spin on things, and will surely keep my teachers on their toes.

SLC: What challenges do you face, trying to make it as a student?

Mistress Katia: Well, going into debt will be a challenge. I currently have no debt, and this issue will be difficult for me to accept.

I hope I can become an honours student and get as many grants and scholarships as possible, as I will surely need them. I

also worry about the stress and discipline aspect of things, as I am the type of person who strives to get “A” grades. I'm extremely hard on myself when it comes to maintaining perfect grades... I just hope I can handle the pressure.

SLC: Are your Domme days done?

Mistress Katia: I live the lifestyle and will always have “Domination” in my blood. Haha! There is no way I can move to Toronto and not see my submissives, are you kidding me?

My Pro-Domme days will end when I either get married, make babies or both. At that time I will redirect my energies towards my family instead.