Diving Right In: Simone K.

“When I decided to start a blog, I knew that I wanted to have a specific focus, reveals Simone K., author of Skinny Dip. “I don't really cook that much and hate getting dressed in the morning so, I knew fashion and food blogging were out. People have always told me I have really good stories when it comes to sex & dating...I started the blog as way of cataloging and sorting through some of the experiences in my 20's (and now, 30's). I spent a large part of my 20's dating and exploring my sexuality so, writing about these things just seemed like a natural starting point for me. Sex is hot. Sex is heartbreaking. Sex is hilarious. There are so many great stories to be told around the topic of sex.”

A communications professional by day and blogger by night, Simone feels that talking about sex openly is important and that injecting humour into the conversation is a great way to help that dialogue. However, people don’t always get her sense of funny and some rather interesting misconceptions can arise. “Some people will assume that because I write about sex that I must be sleeping with everyone and therefore, I also want to sleep with them too—which couldn't be further from the truth.”

Inspired by fantastic funny women such as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Julie Klausner and Sloane Crosley, Simone finds that most women readers who she’s met through Skinny Dip get the blog because they’ve had similar experiences. Not always though. “I still get humorous comments when I meet women for the first time, like: "Oh, we thought you'd be curvier..." or, "I thought you'd be wilder...you're so nice". It makes me laugh—were they expecting me to show up in lingerie and a whip in hand and not say, a dress and a blazer?! We usually end up having a good laugh about it. I find it funny that people have this pre-conceived notion of what a sex blogger should be like.”

Another aspect of managing her personal and public identities is that Simone does not write anonymously, as many other sex bloggers do. When she writes about sex, she chooses to leave some details out. “There are times where I'll ask myself ‘I'm going to be sitting across the table at a dinner party with these people, do I really need to share about that time that I _________?’. The answer is usually no.” Simone also takes care to not to share details about her partner, unless he gives her permission to.

Simone has a long-term vision for Skinny Dip, hoping to one day publish some of the stories into a book. “I envision the book being a collection of essays and practical advice that would read as fun, quirky guidebook for young women. Obviously, some of the content would deal with sex.” However, she remains true to her passion, communications and could see herself “working with an organization that promotes sex education & health or an organization like CANFAR that supports HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and research.”

While she may hold some details back about herself, it isn’t hard to guess where Simone’s sexual persona lives. “I have a really active imagination and fantasy life. I live for witty banter and innuendo. Some of the best foreplay for me involves thinking, writing and talking about sex. It all starts in my head then leads down to my pants. If my heart is also involved, even better.”