The Design of Sex: Joey Wargachuk

"I think that my sexual persona has fully intergrated into my life as a whole," reveals graphic designer Joey Wargachuk. "Mostly because working from home gives me the joy of not having to compartmentalize personas, but actually allow them to grow and flourish out in the open. It’s very freeing and empowering to have aspects of yourself and sexuality on 24 hours a day. I feel like it actually keeps me more grounded as person not having to hold back aspects."

If you've been about and about in Toronto' queer scene, then you have definitely scene Joey's work. He is behind the fantastic print and web work of Sodom: Toronto's Decadent Dance Party which recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary. Held at the ever popular Goodhandy's, Sodom features a wild costume them every month and attracts a great crowd. This coming weekend features the Trailer Park edition.

Some might worry that doing sex-themed work, for the Sodom party or for Goodhandy's,for whom Joey also does a fair bit of creation for, might limit their potential to garner other clients. Joey doesn't. "The joy of being an entrepreneur is I get to pick clients and I am very open on my website and portfolio about what I do, with my T-girl night posters and Sodom posters right on the front of It’s like having a 'do not disturb' sign on your front door. However, even stil,l I have managed to do design jobs for mommy personal trainers, conservative real estate brokers and dentists. So much for my teenage angst."

Inspired by storytellers such as Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon, Joey hopes to emulate their paths and someday move into creating his own graphic novels and screenplays. He appreciates what they have done to incorporate sex and sexuality in their work and sees it as integral to creating. "I like to think as an artist, sex and sexuality actually drives me to create finished products that appeal to their sexuality through design elements and principles."

Moving forward, Joey is quite happy with is work and life as a prolific graphic designer, with the ability to interweave sex and sexuality into the work he does, when the work calls for it. "I really like what I am doing now. Sex in all its shapes and forms seems to follow me where ever I go. So I am pretty confident that my sense of sexuality will remain a key directing force in my life."