Dark and Deep: Madelina Horn

“I'm a Scorpio,” reveals model and performance artist Madelina Horn. “So sex is the underlying motivation for everything I do. I'm obsessed with sexuality. It's the most fascinating part of humanity.”

The usual circumstance is that photographers are on that side of the camera for a reason and models are on the other side for a reason. But when Madelina began her art career as a photographer, she was soon the desire of her subjects. That led to her stepping in front of the camera, combining her natural, dark beauty with her enthusiasm for heavy metal and becoming a much sought after model.

Not satisfied with being photographed, she began her stage career performing breathtaking aerial acrobatics, contortion and fire performances. Some of the influence of her fantastic stage acts come from her days stripping. “I used to be a stripper dancing the western Canadian circuit and I had the privilege to work with a dancer names Cyd Harlow. She was a trained ballerina but her show was very dark and fetishistic. She inspired me to make my show as a stripper into art. She was amazing.”

The dark, near-satantic imagery might give you the impression that Madelina is hard-living and scary. But underneath it all, the goth goddess has a strong sex and love connection. “When I fall in love I am very distracted by that person and my work tends to become compromised. I suppose it's something I need to work on but it doesn't come along often so I feel like I need to enjoy that feeling. My work comes from within so it will always been waiting for me.”

Currently, Madelina is poring through her catalogue of photographs as she has been contacted by a publisher who is keen to release a book of her images. Also in the works is a potential European mini-tour with fire artists Burn Bitch Burn.

On a more personal level, Madelina has been spending time exploring meditation and yoga. “I am very curious about tantric practice and can see myself venturing into it more when my career slows down and I have time to dedicate myself to such a thing.”

Through her modeling and stage performances, Madelina creates an image that could be interpreted as something entirely different from what she is. However, her approach to image, sex and the person is entirely holistic. “They are all connected. Your sexual person is a deeper level of you whole. I don't differentiate between a "persona" and my being. My sexuality is constant.”